BesYouSel Floss Picks Dental Floss Stick, 50 Dental Floss Picks,White,Pack of 5

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  • Product Name: BesYouSel dental floss white floss picks,pack of 5 Material:High molecular weight polyethylene fiber Color:White Weight:1.94 ounce/0.055kg Package:Including 2-pack floss picks 1. 100% Brand new and high quality, safe, healthy and easy to use floss 2. Freshen your breath while comfortably removing food and plaque 3. Helps fight bad breath and gingivitis, Clean the area where the toothbrush cannot reach 4. Heavy in calibre and easy in usage, Smooth dental flosser to clean teeth effectively Warm Tips: 1. Floss rods are generally used under correct conditions. Floss sticks don't cause gum injury and bleeding. If dental floss rods are difficult to enter the teeth, it may be a sign of long-term accumulation of tartar. At this time, a dentist is needed to help clean up the tartar before you can use the product 2. Placed in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight
  • ☆ 1. High Quality: Disposable dental floss heads are made with high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, it won't hurt gums, super-strong floss is guaranteed not to break, even when used on the tightest teeth
  • ☆ 2. How to Use: Align the floss of the floss stick with the inter dental space and slowly slide it into the gap scrubs between tight teeth and stimulates gums, press the floss part close to the gap, slide up and down slowly
  • ☆ 3. Effect: Stubborn hidden residual substances after cleaning teeth. Dental professionals recommend flossing regularly because it is protect your teeth
  • ☆ 4. Why Choose It: Because fine slippery floss, similar to the hair, no expansion of the teeth using
  • ☆ 5. Keep Your Smile: Make flossing a breeze,you can keep your smile all the time
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