Edible COPPER Cocktail Dust for drinks beverages brew beer sparkle 7 grams, USA Made

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  • Edible dust powder just sprinkle over your cupcakes, desserts, cookies, ice cream, or anything else that needs a little sparkle! Edible powder dust with a particle size that matches our Sparkle Range and rebounds light with a fantastic effect! This edible powder range has a small, flat particle size that immediately resembles glitter. This, combined with its sparkling and reflective properties, results in an edible glitter you will love to use. Produced and packaged in facilities that are regularly inspected, Sprinkle glitter is food-grade cake decorating glitter that is safe for human consumption. Edible glitter for strawberries is consumable, digestible, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Polish off home-baked creations with a dusting of fancy sprinkles edible glitter that sparkle bright. A true metallic glitter sprinkles edible perfect for Painting or dry Dusting on Chocolate, Fondant, Royal Icing and so much more. Glitter sprinkles also awesome for Drinks, Cocktails, Beer, and Drink Garnish & Beverages. Features: Whether you are a professional cake artist or a DIY baker, cake decorating edible glitter is easy to use; all you need to do is sprinkle it on! Cake glitter dust edible makes your drinks, desserts, and foods look as good as they taste without changing the flavor If you don’t use all of your edible glitter dust for chocolate, you can use the jar the glitter comes in for safe storage All of our sprinkle edible sparkles for cakes are vegan, food-grade, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Perfect glitter for drinks, candy, and cake pop decorating Glitter for cakes adds bright and glittery metallic sheen
  • ✨ COPPER COCKTAIL DUST - Luxe Cake offers the deepest and most reflective cocktail dusts. Add a pinch to your favorite Champagne or Drinks, Cocktails, Beer, Drink Garnish & Beverages | 100% Edible & Food Grade | Vegan, Gluten, Nut Free
  • ???? EDIBLE: Luxe Cake’s Cocktail Dust finishes your project with a bright sheen and elegant, glittery metallic look with a stunning and vivid sparkle. 100% safe for consumption.
  • ????100% VEGAN & ALLERGEN-FREE: Luxe Cake uses only the highest-quality, vegan ingredients. Our dusts are made in a 100% Nut, Dairy and Meat Free facility so our Luxury Cake Dusts can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • ???? HOW TO USE: Our proprietary, patent-pending process results in the strongest edible pigments on the market. To add a bold, pearlescent sparkle to your cakes apply Luxe Cake dusts and cake glitters via dry brushing or mix with vodka, grain alcohol or oil-based flavorings for deeply intense and vivid coverage.
Package Dimensions ‏ ‎ 2.44 x 1.61 x 1.42 inches; 0.63 Ounces
Manufacturer ‏ ‎ Luxe Cake
Country of Origin ‏ ‎ USA
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