Gourmet Kitchn Cod- Trident Beer Battered Cod - 2 Pack (40 oz Each, 80 oz Total) - Frozen Food - High Source of Protein and Omega 3

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  • Temperature-sensitive items, such as those that need to be chilled or frozen, are carefully placed in an insulated box with dry ice and/or iced gel packs. Our packing team will use enough dry ice and/or gel packs to keep your delivery at the right temperature until you receive it.Please note that our warehouse packs everything as tightly as possible to ensure the item(s) remains frozen/refrigerated during transit and the coolant surrounds the item(s). As dry ice dissipates and gel packs thaw, this will create pockets of space in the package whereby products can shift around.Upon receiving the delivery, please immediately place your items in your refrigerator or freezer. If you are away when your package arrives, please watch your email for delivery confirmation. Upon delivery, plan for someone to place them in a refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible.HEALTHY GOURMET FOODS READY TO EATIn Gourmet Kitchn, we started as a frozen food company, but soon we realized how important it is to provide our clients with natural and healthy options.We want to connect people with the best artisan and gourmet foods ready to eat, including pet snacks and treats.
  • WILD ALASKAN BATTERED COD- Made with wild-caught Alaskan cod, surrounded by a crispy batter made with Alaskan Amber craft beer.
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS- They are delicious in many different ways: with tartar sauce or malt vinegar, with fries regular or sweet potato, served with coleslaw, in tacos.
  • COOK FROM FROZEN- Conventional ovens or air fryers are the most recommended cooking methods. For best results, avoid heating them in the microwave.
  • 170 CALORIES PER SERVING- 10 g of protein and 610 mg of Omega 3.
  • TRIDENT SEAFOODS ARE COMMITED WITH SUSTAINABILITY- Over 40 years of experience fishing off the coast of Alaska. The Alaska salmon fishery is often made up of family-run operations, ensuring that coastal communities benefit from the resource.
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