Kona Abalone Fresh Ezo Abalone medium-small size 4/6pc (0.5lb)

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  • -Kona Abalone is the only producer of fresh Ezo Abalone in the United states, providing delicious shellfish to restaurants across the country. Using the unique advantages of our location, we raise them in tanks of deep-sea water pumped directly from the Pacific Ocean and feed them fresh-grown organic dulse to make them as delicious as possible. -There are many ways to cook and enjoy our fresh Ezo abalone. One simple and tasty way is to simply put it shell-side down on the grill, then cook for 3-10 minutes on medium heat. They taste great on their own, but for something special, try adding some garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice, or chili powder! -Delivery time for fresh abalone from our farm is around 24 hours for Hawaii and the west coast, and 48 hours for destinations east of the Mississippi river. Please refrigerate upon arrival and prepare or freeze abalone as soon as possible to preserve freshness.
  • EZO ABALONE: A small, tender abalone originally found in the waters around north Japan; Ezo abalone is considered one of the most prized types of shellfish in the world.
  • ALL NATURAL: Our Ezo abalone are grown with no antibiotics or hormones, and fed on an organic diet of dulse. They’re full of protein and essential minerals while being low in fat and calories.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Abalone are a delicacy throughout the world, with a smooth flavor that goes well with just about anything. Enjoy them however you like: sashimi-style, grilled, sautéd, boiled, pan-fried, or simmered in soups and sauces.
  • FRESH: Sent directly from the farm to your table and ready to prepare. Soft and tender; no need to tenderize. NOTE: Due to state regulations, live abalone cannot be sent to the state of California. Frozen abalone can instead be substituted.
  • HAWAII-GROWN AND SUSTAINABLE: Grown in cold deep-sea water on the Big Island of Hawaii. We raise our abalone carefully from the day they hatch until the day they are ready to eat.
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