KSDCDF Subwoofer Speaker Clock Alarm Thermometer Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Product descriptionColour:BlackSize:Free sizeLarge Digital Clock: Extra-large high-contrast LED screen , time is easy to view at a glance, Great for living room, office, classroom, warehouses, rec rooms and garages.12-24H Switch: 2" large number display in a high contrast screen. 12 or 24 hour display optional,PM icon will display while time reaches to afternoon if 12hr display model selected.Adjustable Volume:The alarm sound can be set at Low or High volume with easy slider according to your personal preference.Thank you for purchasing my product. I hope to bring you good luck. If you have any questions, I will give you feedback as soon as possible.
  • The gentle wake-up alert will begin to soften and gradually increase until you turn it off. There is no need to choose between a severe alarm that gets you out of bed or a too soft alarm that puts you back to sleep
  • Simple and Stylish Design:Exquisite mirror surface, large LED display, bold fonts, easy to view,A perfect accessories for your home living room decor.
  • Highly visible Time Readout on the display you can view from far distance without putting your glasses on.
  • Adjustable Alarm Volume: The alarm beeps can be set at Low or High volume, And the gradual ascending alarm feature ensures gently wake you up.
  • Easy Operation Clock: Intuitive setting button , experience zero stress when setting the time or alarm, Easy for kids, seniors and the elderly.
Item Weight 2.2 pounds
Department Unisex-adult
Manufacturer KSDCDF1
Country of Origin China
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