Lensbaby Burnside 35 for Canon EF

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  • The Lensbaby Burnside 35, 35mm f/2.8 is a totally new kind of creative effects lens made for photographers who need to create images that stand out. Create images with a bright central area of sharp focus and striking color rendition surrounded by subtle, swirling bokeh and vignette. Use Burnside 35 to create stunning street and environmental portrait photos. The swirly bokeh and vignette give you added control to direct the viewer’s eye to the most important part of the photo. For landscape photographers, Burnside 35 gives you the ability to try something new and experiment with swirling bokeh, subtle edge softness, and vignette – while being versatile enough to let you capture more traditional landscape imagery as well. Burnside 35 features two sets of internal aperture systems – one for aperture setting and a second for effect and vignetting. Burnside 35 allows you to control depth of field and the size of your central focus area while independently adding or subtracting vignette and swirl in your image using the gold slider. Create perfect harmony between focus, bokeh, and vignette by fine-tuning your composition using the gold effect slider. Slide the gold button up or down to control how much vignette creeps in, darkening the edges and really making the center pop with brightness. In addition, the gold slider adjusts the clarity of the swirl in images where that’s a factor. To get an image with dramatic bokeh swirl with Burnside 35, shoot at f/2.8 with your subject 3 feet or less from your camera. Make sure there’s separation between the subject and the background - at least 12 feet. Choose a background that has plenty of texture to take on the swirl. Adjust the gold slider to increase or decrease the clarity of the swirl. Changing any one of these variables will soften the swirl in your image or make it disappear. The central area of your image will always be sharp with fall-off on the edges.
  • Lensbaby Burnside 35 Canon EF
Product Dimensions 2.72 x 2.6 x 2.72 inches
Item Weight 13.2 ounces
Item model number LBB35C
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available January 22, 2018
Manufacturer Lensbaby
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