Ms. Mickey’s Creole Mustard Seasoning for Steak, Chicken and Bbq Rub, Dry Mustard for Marinating and Adding Extra Flavor to Dishes, 8 oz

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Ms. Mickey's Creole Mustard Seasoning All Natural Gourmet Creole Mustard

Creole Dry Mustard is a condiment mostly used in the Southeastern region of the United States, specifically New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s a staple that’s used in the New Orleans cuisine meals.

This brings its unique blends of Spanish, French, African, and German influences in the kitchen and onto the tables. Our Creole Dry Mustard can be used in your potato salad, on your meats to marinate for grilling frying, or baking. You can even incorporate into dishes like crabmeat crepes, battered seafood, or served as a glazed dipping sauce. Ms. Mickeys have shared her Homemade Creole Hamburger recipe using the dry mustard seasoning.

Creole Mustard

This tangy mustard creates the perfect sauce to complement your creole shrimp cakes, gives your signature sandwich that little something extra, and is the secret ingredient in your famous house dressing.

Creole seasoning

A bold blend of spices that could only come from New Orleans. Shake it on pretty much anything from meats and seafood to soups, salads, and French fries.

Highest Quality Natural Ingredients Ms. Mickey's Creole Mustard Seasoning contains only the highest quality herbs and spices, sourced responsibly from around the world.

Product Quick Look

  • Mouthwatering Spice Blend – Discover a more flavorful dining experience with Ms. Mickey’s creole mustard seasoning. This dry rub contains a mix of spices such as smoked paprika, garlic, ginger, and more. Add this creole spice to make irresistibly scrumptious dishes.
  • Smoky, Rich Flavor – Our creole mix works as a great rub for any barbeque-style meal. This all natural mustard seasoning livens up your culinary creations via its deep, distinctive flavor with a smoky twist. It works on any dish, whether southern or non-southern.
  • Versatile Spice Mix – Enrich the taste of your meals with this creole food seasoning. An all-around spice, our mustard can be used to marinate all types of meats and seafood, season any kind of sandwich, or make the perfect creole potato salad.
  • Mild, Gentle Heat – Looking for a mix with just the right amount of heat? Then, you can never go wrong in using this hot rub! A favorite mustard in our selection, Ms. Mickey’s creole mustard adds little kicks of flavor to all your best-loved dishes.
  • Give your meat-loving friends and family this high quality creole dry mustard seasoning. Whether given as a birthday or a housewarming present, this mix can transform any dish into a masterpiece that makes every meal memorable.
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