OUYANGHENGZHI Mini-Size Pastry,Red Bean Flavor Mooncakes,Gift Box,20PCS

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  • INGREDIENT-- wheat,sugar,maltose,edible vegetable oil, peanuts,sesame,shelled melon seed,edible salt,green beans, red beans, chestnut, fruit stuffing.
  • Moon cakes (Pinyin: yuè bǐng) are one of the most famous traditional Chinese pastries. It is the festival food custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon cakes are round, and people are always share it with the family, which symbolizes reunion and harmony. 月饼(拼音:yuè bǐng)是久负盛名的中国传统糕点之一,中秋节节日食俗。月饼圆又圆,又是合家分吃,象征着团圆和睦。
  • CONTENT-- 18PCS, individual package,GIFT BOX
  • LEISURE DESSERT--Sharing such delicate mooncake with family, friends or colleagues and then watching TV or talking about gossip/work, adding more fun to your life. As well, it will be the perfect choice to fight hunger.
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