Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR Combo

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  • Includes: remote control Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder with Built-in VCR - This single home theater device takes the place of 3 different units. You get a DVD recorder, DVD player, and VCR in one unit! The DVD recorder is most interesting of the three, allowing you to digitally record your favorite shows to DVD media. You get the advantage of film-like image quality, the ability to browse through recordings via thumbnail, and much more. Coupled with the built-in VCR, you also get the ability to backup your old home movies with a single button. Your VHS tapes will only last so long, even if you don't watch them, so getting them to DVD can be essential to preserving your precious memories for a lifetime! 2x LP Horizontal Resolution Recording - records 500 lines of horizontal resolution in LP mode Rapid Random Access (with DVD-RAM discs) Selectable Recording Modes - XP/SP/LP/EP/FR Dolby Digital (Dolby AC-3) 2-channel audio recording Plays back MP3 CDs Black Level Control A/V Inputs - 2 S-Video (1 front) / 2 Composite (1 front) / 2 Audio L/R (1 front) / 1 RF (VHF/UHF) A/V Outputs - 1 Component Video (Y, PB, PR) / 2 S-Video / 2 Audio L/R / 1 RF (VHF/UHF) Optical Digital Output for DTS & Dolby Digital Surround Sound Color - Silver Unit Dimensions - 4 (h) x 17 (w) x 14 (d) Unit Weight - 13 lbs. For ultimate recording and playback quality and versatility, look no further than Panasonic's DMR-ES30VS combination DVD player/recorder and 4-head/hi-fi VCR. The space-saving combo device offers the flexibility of recording on both DVD-RAM--ideal for instant chapter access and for multiple rerecordings--as well as DVD-R, DVD+R, and rewritable DVD-RW for full flexibility in recording and sharing your favorite programs (you can tailor your choice of format to the playback capabilities of your friends and family). With the DMR-ES30VS you can digitally record superb picture and sound--up to 8 hours on a single-sided DVD-RAM or DVD-R/RW or DVD+R, thanks to Panasonic's original VBR (variable bit rate) technology. (Rewriteable DVD-RAM discs can be rewritten over 100,000 times and offer 4.7 to 9.6 gigabytes per disc.) The company's Time Slip feature lets the DVD recorder be used like a digital video recorder, or DVR. You sit down to watch this week's episode of your favorite show and realize that you never got around to watching your recording of last week's episode. Not a problem with Panasonic's Time Slip feature, which includes the ability to perform simultaneous recording and playback. Select this week's episode in the electronic program guide (EPG), start recording, and as it records you can watch your recording of last week's episode. In addition to recording new video content, the DMR-ES30VS lets you transfer favorite VHS recordings to durable, space-saving discs. The Direct Navigator instantly accesses recorded material from an onscreen menu that lists recording dates, times, channels, and titles. Finding and viewing recorded material are simple, because there's no need to search, fast-forward, or rewind. And, with one-touch 2-way transferring, you can dub a VHS tape to DVD by pushing a single button or vice-versa (so long as the disc isn't copy protected). One-touch DVD recording will save your favorite programs from accidental overwriting by automatically scanning the disc for blank space before starting the recording process. No more worries that your favorite sitcom's season finale will be overwritten by a family member's Sunday fishing show. As a player, the DMR-ES30VS offers a progressive-scan video output for optimal picture quality when viewing a DVD movie on a high-definition or HD-ready TV. Progressive scanning doubles the scan lines of an interlaced signal by scanning all 525 lines in 1/60 of a second for each full pass. The higher-density video signal creates film-like DVD images with rich detail, extraordinary depth of field, and precise color reproduction. VCR features include quasi S-VHS playback (plays Super-VHS tapes at standard-VHS resolution), Jet Search super-fast playback scanning, Jet Rewind, repeat play, and long-recording ability (10 hours to 1 VHS T-180 cassette). VCR Plus+ simplifies advanced programming. You can also record a TV program to VHS while you play or record something else on DVD. What's in the Box DVD/VCR combo, a remote control, remote batteries, a user's manual, an AC power cord, a coaxial RF video cable, a stereo analog audio/composite-video cable (RCA), and a warranty/registration card.
  • Watch and record programs at the same time
  • DVD Recording Supports DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, & DVD+R media
  • Progressive Scanning
  • Chasing Playback - allows you to watch a DVD recording before it's finished
  • Time Slip Button
Brand Name ‎Panasonic
Item Weight ‎12.8 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎20 x 18 x 7 inches
Item model number ‎DMR-ES30VS
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎Yes
Date First Available March 7, 2005
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