Rays Country Ham - 16 lb. - Whole Bone-in Country Ham - Blue Ridge Mountain Cured

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Ray Goad ~ A Fast Food Pioneer: Ray and Geneva Goad opened their first restaurant, about ten years after Ray was discharged from the Navy at the end of WWII. Home cured Country Ham and Granny Goad’s Biscuits were featured on the menu. Ray became the innovator of the fast food breakfast, and the very first to serve Ham and Sausage Biscuits in a fast food restaurant.

Country Ham Traditions: Country Ham harks back to the way food was preserved on the family farms of Appalachia before there were electricity and refrigeration. The family tradition of butchering hogs in the late fall allowed for them to be preserved during the cold winter months with a natural curing process. Our Country Hams are drastically different from their more common cousin, the wet-cured ham, also known as city ham. The flavor of a Country Ham is more complex, with an almost addictive taste, aroma, and texture unlike any other.

Blue Ridge Mountain Cured: Today those Country Ham traditions are being kept alive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Where once moonshiners and revenuers raced hot cars along Thunder Road, a few facilities owned and operated by the descendants of those early American pioneers are still making Country Hams. You can’t eat at a Ray’s Restaurant today, but you can enjoy Ray’s Country Ham in your own kitchen knowing that in every slice you will find that Taste from Another Place in Time.

Four Generations: Ray Jr. and Susan, the children of Geneva and Ray Goad, are perpetuating the legacy of Ray’s and the rich traditions of Country Ham for Ray Goad’s Grandchildren, which are now also active in the Family business. They assure that Ray’s Country Ham is cured in the same style featured for almost 50 years at the Ray’s Starlight Restaurant in Mount Airy, NC and, at dozens of Ray’s Kingburgers and Sweet Sue’s Restaurants across five of the Mid-Atlantic States.

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  • ☆ CAROLINA COUNTRY HAM ☆ – We follow the traditional methods for curing hams that our family has used for generations. The USDA requires that Country Ham be cured in salt and air-dried until it has lost 18 percent of its weight in water and contains 4 percent salt. As we gently age our hams with ambient temperatures matching the annual seasons, the once humble ham becomes what can only be called a Country Ham, with the addictive taste, aroma, and texture like no other.
  • ☆ AGED SALT & DRY CURED HAM.☆ - Country Ham harks back to how food was preserved for generations on the family farms of the Blue Ridge Mountains before electricity. In the aging process, a benign mold on the ham is typical and expected. Mold is removed by scrubbing the ham with water and a brush. If you love Country Ham, you will find the saltiness is intense and just right. If you are new to Country Ham and don't like strong salty tastes, this Ham might not be for you.
  • ☆ A TASTE FROM ANOTHER PLACE IN TIME☆ - Folks who grew up eating Country Ham give us five-star reviews and tell us that they have "finally found it." But our story also attracts those who are expecting their Mother's City Ham, and we are just as disappointed as they are when they don't like it. Bon Appétit Magazine says it best: "To Southerners and pork devotees, Country Ham is legendary: an exquisite dry-cured artisanal meat rivaling prosciutto in its rosy-hued perfection."
  • ☆ SURPRISE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY WITH A GIFT OF COUNTRY HAM☆ - Sharing of good food is our way of showing we care. When families relocate, often they can’t find the foods and tastes they remember and long for. A Whole Bone-in Ray’s aged dry-cured Country Ham will bring back that familiar aroma and taste of home we never forget.
  • ☆ COMPLETE WITH AN “OWNER’S MANUAL.”☆ - From the day your ham arrived from our farms, we have followed the traditional artisanal methods for curing hams that our family has for used for nearly 75 years! We care so much about our hams we include with each Whole Country Ham complete instructions for how to care for your ham and the options for preparing it to be enjoyed.
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