Sakura cherry blossom blooming floral tea 40g (1.40 oz) Japanese sakura tea salt-pickled cherry blossom infusion

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Sakura tea

Cherry blossom tea is a Japanese infusion with salt-pickled cherry blossoms. Once put in hot water, the petals unfurl and float in the cup with a delicate scent of cherry blossoms.

The unfurling flower stands as a symbol of blooming future thus cherry blossom blooming flower tea is often served to celebrate engagement, marriage and childbirth.

Beautiful blossom tea is perfect for auspicious occations.

Sakura cha is used in the celebrations such as engagement, marriage and happy occasions.

There is a Japanese expression "ocha wo nigosu." "ocha" is tea (usually green tea), and "nigosu" means to make unclear. So the term itself will literally translate to make the tea cloudy. However, the meaning of this expression is to be evasive, be vague or non-committal. This denotation is why green tea is not served at weddings, but sakura cha (also called sakura-yu) is served as it represents beginning.

Sakura cherry blossoms are salt pickled.

*Make sure to lightly wash off the salt from the cherry blossom in a bowl of water first. Then place the cherry blossom in your cup and pour hot water to make the beautiful drink.

How to serve:

1. Take out one blossom.

2. Lightly wash off the salt from the preserved blossom. (Maybe do so in a bowl of water and not under the running water because the petals are fragile.)

3. Put the blossom in a cup and pour hot water.

4. Ready to serve when petals are open.

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Product Quick Look

  • This beautiful Japanese infusion is made with salt-pickled sakura cherry blossom petals. Cherry blossom blooming floral tea is symbolized as the blooming future in Japan
  • Beautiful blooming tea is perfect for special occasions and celebrating hoilday and new year. Enjoy the petal and the scent of cherry blossoms bloom in your cup.
  • Salt pickled cherry blossom with full of aroma can be used to flavor various dishes and drinks
  • *Please wash off the salt from the preserved blossom in a bowl with care first. Then place the blossom in a cup, add water and serve.
  • Product of Japan. Contains no caffeine. Net weight: 40g (1.4oz) 18 to 20 flowers
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