SKOANBE SR516SW 317 1.5V Button Coin Cell Silver Oxide Watch Battery(10-Packs)

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SKOANBE SR516SW 317 1.5V Button Coin Cell Watch Battery

Voltage 1.5V
Scope of application SR516SW batteries are widely used in high-performance batteries for keys, watches, health and safety equipment, toys, IoT devices, automobiles, etc.
Weight 6g
Size Single battery size:5.8*1.6mm One card size:17*5cm
Precautions Please keep the battery away from children and fire, please put the battery in a dry and cool place, please use the correct method to install the battery

Safe and urable.

SKOANBE aims to provide reliable and durable batteries. sr516sw battery has high energy density, lasting power, balanced discharge, stable 1.5V voltage, does not damage electrical appliances, and is safe and durable.





Product Quick Look

  • What you can get: 10PCS SR516SW 317 button battery. Strict quality inspection ensures that each battery is fully charged.
  • Long-lasting power, stable 1.5 voltage, low self-discharge characteristics, long-term lock in battery power, long shelf life, 0% mercury, safe and durable.
  • Suitable for: watches, toys, calculators, remote controls, alarm clocks, hearing aids, electronic games, pedometers, etc.
  • Superior Storage capacity,High-quality silver oxide battery--SR516SW Battery
  • Multiple Compatibility:sr516sw/371/D317/SR516,Dimensions:Φ5.8X1.6mm
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