WiFi Extenders Signal Booster for Home, 2100Mbps Wireless Internet Repeater, 2.4G & 5G Wall-Through Dual Band WiFi Booster, WiFi Range Extender with Ethernet Port&WPS Button(White )

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Wall WiFi Range Extender

Why recommend you LFGKeng WiFi extender?

A. There are many rooms in the house, and the WiFi signal in some rooms is very weak. WiFi extender can extend WiFi signal to these rooms

B. Doorbells, surveillance cameras, printers, and computers are far away from the router but need continuous signals. WiFi extenders can provide them with continuous and stable signals

C. When you want to watch movies in the garden, when you want to play games in the garage, and when these places are too far away from the router, the WiFi extender will be a good assistant for you to enjoy a good time

2100Mbps WiFi Repeater Booster

2100Mbps WiFi Range Extender

The powerful wifi range extender strengthen and expand your existing signal into areas where can't reach on its own, while reducing signal interference to ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.


1.High speed and stable signal, 2100Mbps Wi-Fi network, Dual Frequency band: 5.8GHz & 2.4GHz. 5.8GHz is perfect for HD video streaming and lag-free online gaming, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for normal use such as web surfing.

2.Adjustable 4 High Gain external Antenna,can 180° rotating. 360 Degree full signal coverage ,extending the signal to cover every corner of your house.

3. precision-designed for maximum heat dissipation, it enhances stability during working process and extends lifetime.

4.Compatible with almost all devices that support Wi-Fi, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, etc

5. All the blind side in house with weak Wi-Fi coverage will be eliminated! Suits for any type of houses, extend wireless signal to where there isn’t any signal before or hard-to-wire areas for your home and office

Optimal settings

Pay Attention:

A. If the router network in your home is poor, or there is no network, then the WiFi extender will also lose the network. Please make sure your home router's network is working properly before use.

B. Please install the repeater in the same room as the existing router at a close distance. After the setting is successful, move the repeater to another power outlet located between the router and the router's weak Wi-Fi signal area. Please do not Install repeaters in Wi-Fi blind spots where there is no router Wi-Fi signal. When moving to another socket, there is no need to set it again. After waiting for 30 seconds, the repeater will automatically expand the set wireless network.

C. The extension range of the wifi extender can only extend up to 3000FT. If your house is very large, please purchase more than one wifi extender in combination to achieve no WiFi dead zone in your home.

D. The antenna angle should be kept perpendicular to the horizon to ensure the best signal coverage.

E. The WiFi extender needs to be plugged into the socket all the time when in use .

Product Quick Look

  • ????【Dual Band WiFi repeaters】WiFi extenders signal booster for home the range of your WiFi with two different bands, compatible with 99% of the Router / Gateway / Access Point in the market (300Mbps for 2.4G & 1733Mbps for 5G) 2100Mbps wifi signal covers up to 3000 Sq.ft and it could minimize the lag and reduce the transmission time of data,ensures more stable and secured network for every spots in your home.
  • ????【Reliable Wall Penetration】Our wireless internet repeater compares well with 99% of typical routers for strong wall penetration. It could fit in any type of building including a multi-story house and even a large single-story bungalow. And Gigabit Ethernet port WiFi extender connects wired devices to your network for high-speed connection. WiFi range extender is to make sure you have a stable and smooth experience on working and gaming!
  • ????【Easy to Set Up】Our dual band wifi booster can be used with most wireless Internet routers, which means it can be used with any standard router or gateway. Simply press the WPS button to easily extend the wireless coverage. Or set up on almost all devices through the browser website, including Windows/Android/iOS mobile platforms, to ensure that your network is fast, stable and reliable!
  • ????【Quad Antenna Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones】WiFi range extender has quad antenna design of ultimate coverage for all areas of your home. And wifi signal booster create lag-free area all around your house with no type limit of devices. Not only wireless repeater but also wired connection via Gigabit Ethernet port. From now on, you do not need to worry about the network signal when you play games at work or after get off work, allowing you to enjoy the great online experience to you!
  • ????【Safe Network Access】WiFi Extenders can maximize your network security, prevent others from stealing your network, protect your important data, and avoid Wi-Fi interference and privacy issues. If you are not satisfied with the received package or encounter any problems during the setup process, please feel free to contact us via order information or email. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Package Dimensions 7.24 x 4.06 x 3.23 inches
Item Weight 12.6 ounces
Manufacturer LFGKeng
Item model number GJD528XW1ROV24NKG1I0E10JB
Date First Available May 25, 2021
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