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wantonballbag t1_iuhk1ga wrote

God. Compression is really killing this one.


losbadhombres OP t1_iui3pjv wrote

You're right. Thank you for pointing that out. The compression stuff throws me for a loop sometimes. Looked back at the file and realized that I should have compressed in photoshop as Bilinear, but I think it was set to Automatic and that's why it looks faux-sharp in some areas and has that boxy-looking compression around the face specifically. I learned something today. lol


wantonballbag t1_iui5n41 wrote

I think reddit might have compressed it again for you. It's a shame. Your work is amazing. It's being murdered here for sure.


MustacheEmperor t1_iujoq2f wrote

Do you host your portfolio anywhere else where we could view this in full resolution? Reddit and imgur both compress images a lot more on top of the compression coming out of photoshop. Incredible work as always! I recognized it had to be yours immediately!


Rufio1337 t1_iuk4g5s wrote

I don’t know the subreddit’s policy on double posting, but I wouldn’t be upset in the slightest if you reposted it in better quality! I’d love to see even more of the details!


quinnorr t1_iuk5ldy wrote

For those of us learning, could you explain why the compression 'ruins' this? I enjoy the work, my only minor critique would be the proportions, but I'm more than willing to appreciate the the vastness of the human experience


_Oce_ t1_iuk7ywz wrote

We can't admire the face details.


RedditExecutiveAdmin t1_iuhxrq4 wrote

La Booty Adornata


tolerablycool t1_iui8ocs wrote

Once again, your attention to detail is amazing. The tiny freckles, the skin tone variations, and the folding at the back of her neck make the picture feel real. The absolute kicker though, is the subtle vein in the back of her thigh. You didn't have to put it there, but you did and it's wonderfully done. Kudos.


losbadhombres OP t1_iui9vfn wrote

Thank you. I'm glad you noticed the vein!!


Beli_Mawrr t1_iujjxve wrote

That vein took 10+ hours, someone better have noticed it! lol


pikaborb t1_iujnehp wrote

Now let’s see Paul Allen’s vein


botrickbateman t1_iujnfep wrote

I’m in the men’s room, staring at myself in the mirror—tan and haircut perfect—checking out my teeth which are completely straight and white and gleaming.

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tbirdpug t1_iuk4mz5 wrote

The freckles are my favorite touch bc I have freckles like that and I feel like you don’t see people do that. I feel seen lol


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DangerMacAwesome t1_iui3ecd wrote

The details on the skin texture is amazing


pWaveShadowZone t1_iuifqyz wrote

I feel like I’m looking at what michaelangelo saw in his mind before going nuts all over some giant marble slab


drsyesta t1_iujb1yd wrote

Lonely redditor cant even imagine someone else seeing ass irl


pWaveShadowZone t1_iujkfyt wrote

Maybe one day I’ll see a real life butt. I’ll write about it in my diary probably


Meethos1 t1_iuhrqnj wrote

Do you have an art station? Tried to find you through username but nothing comes up other than a dance hall band and a home decor line.


reddit_ronin t1_iui55ws wrote

Art station? Like an online shop?


Meethos1 t1_iui6zi6 wrote

Portfolio site. It's a place artists post their art. Like Behance, or DeviantArt.


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biomatter t1_iujpjuj wrote

Pretty sure you got it, they said elsewhere "I create the model in DAZ which is actually pretty simple, pose the model in the program and [...]". I always get kind of weirded out trying to figure out if 3D art was actually even sculpted by the 'artist'. It's not a fun game. Most laypeople assume this was hand-crafted from top to bottom, because why wouldn't you have faith in people? But...


nightmare-97 t1_iuiluk1 wrote

Your work is amazing!! Can you share the full quality image please??


ziggytron t1_iuin7yi wrote

Loved your last post and loving this one too.


LilSpermCould t1_iuixtxj wrote

So this isn't a photo that was manipulated?



ShawnDawn t1_iuiomti wrote

I thought it was lean beef patty for a second. This Is beautiful!


prucheducanada t1_iuj3gw1 wrote

She's definitely more jacked than that. I see what you mean, though.


JapanChickenNugget t1_iuiy7v9 wrote

Wow she looks just... so real. I love the detail on the elbows too


TheBelovedQuin t1_iuj3wav wrote

Geez I thought it was a picture for a second


556291squirehorse t1_iuj018j wrote

This is some incredible work and incredible attention to detail on the skin.


PettyTardigrade t1_iujem9z wrote


Sorry about calling you a mf, was trying to be gender inclusive since idk


Blepcorp t1_iuifg21 wrote

You should have your name and at the very least, a Creative Commons copyright on what you post so people can find you.


Fragahah t1_iuj7ere wrote

Im curious, what is your approach when working in Cinema4d? Photo then manipulation? Painting? It's stunning and Im very curious on how it is done.


00crispybacon00 t1_iuiwo99 wrote

How do you get the skin to fold and wrinkle like that on your model? Do you have any progress pics/videos?


snapper1971 t1_iujcydl wrote

Incredible work. A modern masterpiece.


tiorzol t1_iujd5mk wrote

Love love love this. You got a shop?


siddharthsingh_7 t1_iujq8un wrote

Y am i love with a painting? I checked your profile and you've drawn the same girl in a different pose, is she an actual person?


Mirapple t1_iujtrrz wrote

Genuine question: is the blur intentional?

It might be reddit sensoring or my phone not loading but the art is blurred. It looks cool regardless.


Brno_Mrmi t1_iujur7g wrote

Everything about this is awesome.


hopefulmilk_ t1_iujzo5t wrote

And this my friends is how to do nudity tastefully


Lonefish19 t1_iuk5pfl wrote

I want her to have one wing on her right shoulder blade. Idk why but I think it would look cool lol


bungmunch t1_iuk92vx wrote

I could zoom in and admire the details for ages!! incredible work!


King-Cobra-668 t1_iuk95i6 wrote

those are some phenomenal pistons of power. very well done


JerryLoFidelity t1_iujw573 wrote

those little dimples above each ass cheek? is there a name for them? i luhh dat on a woman fr.


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cassidyincandela t1_iuk07g4 wrote

do you know what the word erotic and religious means? if just nudity in artworks arouses you, stop clicking on posts tagged as NSFW


GayVegan t1_iuk7bgr wrote

Imo since some people have issues with the human body, we should probably increase the amount made.


adhominem4theweak t1_iuj2i2e wrote

Mona Lisa these nuts. I appreciate all those old paintings but god damn its time for them to move over. Being old doesnt inherently make something special in my eyes.

This should be a bigger deal than the mona lisa is all im saying.


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losbadhombres OP t1_iuhz806 wrote

It’s a brand new piece. Finished it last night.


k__z t1_iui02r2 wrote

What software do you use to create the human? Is it sculpted from scratch or generated or a combination?


losbadhombres OP t1_iui853y wrote

I didn't not sculpt from scratch, like in Zbrush. I use DAZ studio, Cinema 4D and Octane render as the main programs along with other plugins. I create the model in DAZ which is actually pretty simple, pose the model in the program and then export to Cinema 4D. I then build the scene around the imported model. I have an Octane Render plugin for C4D that I use to light and texture the whole scene. For me, the lighting and texturing is the where 90% of the work comes from. One skin texture alone is made up of 16 or so maps plus several hundred other parameters.

I also use a particle system like XParticles to simulate and create dynamic cloth. That can also be tricky because it's following the built-in physics engine so you have to keep fiddling with it to get it the way you want—such as adding turbulence here and tweaking gravity there.


Beli_Mawrr t1_iujjvaa wrote

the most mind boggling thing is that you didn't even sculpt this. It looks sculpted. I had no idea DAZ could do this! Might be a good reason to pick it up lol.

BTW to ease your pain on clothes I would recommend trying marvelous clothing designer.


losbadhombres OP t1_iujksip wrote

Now this is the tip I've been waiting for!


Beli_Mawrr t1_iujlj2n wrote

To make it up to me tell me what daz model you used to get the wrinkles/stretching at joints!


k__z t1_iuj9xer wrote

I see. I have been thinking of trying Daz, but the sample images they show have not convinced me. I realize now that it is possible to improve the models with custom skin textures. It seems daunting to learn, but I guess I will try in the future. Thank you very much for your reply!


losbadhombres OP t1_iujb3us wrote

Yes, I definitely understand the hesitation with DAZ. I've been using it for years and have learned to improve on it a lot. If I were to start again, I'd probably pick up ZBrush a lot earlier and try to master that. DAZ is simple but limited, whereas ZBrush has a steeper learning curve but gives you much more control.


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Mattbl t1_iui4i9z wrote

OP is using the same subject but they're clearly different pieces...


fucktooshifty t1_iuj057b wrote

Yeah it's the same Ana de Armas with a huge ass and tits but a different angle


JoinMyPestoCult t1_iui3ejr wrote

Eh? It looks like a different piece last week. Am I missing something?