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Red__system t1_j1wxwko wrote

I want to see a whole movie animated like this


cosignal t1_j1y9uc2 wrote

Some rotoscope stuff looks similar, such as A Scanner Darkly with Keanu Reeves and RDJ (one of my favorite films). Another good example is Waking Life. You may also like the style of Loving Vincent, a biopic about Van Gogh featuring thousands of hand-painted frames


leoldwine9time t1_j1ye9oz wrote

Loving Vincent was amazing! I saw the making of, and each frame was hand painted and photographed. Tremendous effort they put into it and it was worth it!


hanazawarui123 t1_j1zgr4v wrote

There's a series called "Undone" which uses Rotoscopy. Perhaps you may enjoy that


TheJocktopus t1_j1zndeu wrote

Love Death and Robots has an episode made with this style I believe. Episode 3, The Witness.


VCTRYDTX t1_j1yhivm wrote

Up in Air? Not exact but similar vibes fosho


2000dragon t1_j1xexoi wrote

You mean real life? Lol


cosignal t1_j1y9vyy wrote

Do you have schizophrenia? Real life doesn’t have cel shading


2000dragon t1_j1z0710 wrote

Geez this was just a joke about how realistic this looks. People too serious nowadays 🤣