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WakkamanWalker t1_jeh3vfd wrote

The thing some people don't understand is: You have to have evidence. No one indicts a guy like trump because it's fun. That's just one of the perks. It wouldn't be worth the trouble if there weren't a mountain of evidence.


Irish_Whiskey t1_jeh4509 wrote

His own attorney already went to jail for participation in the crime Trump is being charged with.

Notice that the right wing narrative on this is all about how they'll retaliate, and how it's setting a standard for revenge. Not that he's actually innocent. Because of course he isn't, we have the records of him lying about the expenses he was using to pay off his prostitute.


bruiser777 t1_jeh3zt5 wrote

What about Hunter's laptop?


Irish_Whiskey t1_jeh54re wrote

I don't know if you're making a joke by repeating the meme, but in case it's serious:

What about Hunters laptop? If there's proof of a crime on there, use it to convict him. I don't give a shit. Unlike the Trump cult, no Dems are personally invested in Bidens family.

Just like with the million Hillary investigations where Republicans found nothing, Hunters laptop is just an excuse to dig and constantly insinuate that there must be shady shit. But despite having been in GOP hands for years and law enforcement, no one has even identified what crime Hunter Biden supposedly committed. If you ever find something, throw his ass in jail. In the meantime, stop bringing it up just to deflect from the former President being an open criminal and traitor.


Vernerator t1_jeh413o wrote

You realize there has to actual EVIDENCE of a crime?


brock_lee t1_jeh3qwu wrote

LOL, keep dreaming, trumpy


AnonyMouseSnatcher t1_jeh3uas wrote

No president or ex-president has been arrested yet


bruiser777 t1_jeh439n wrote

True, the indictment is out though. I don't think they'll go this far then back off at the end.


rip1980 t1_jeh3qg4 wrote

Luckily, senile isn't a crime.


cogitoergodangerous t1_jeh3s6s wrote

Negligence due to senility so likely won't get any charges