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kohler18 t1_jegrjnl wrote

The vice principal at my high school got fired for giving a handjob to a student.


Ok_Vanilla7342 t1_jegrmla wrote

That's unfortunate. I hope the school finds a suitable replacement soon.


DragonToe23 t1_jegsr7a wrote

I saw my principal pin a kid down and lay fully on top of him because the kid was freaking out and upset. He was full body weight laying on this kid who was maybe 8 or 9 years old at the time and screaming in his face telling him to calm down and stop. That same principal also used to come into the boys bathrooms and pee next to young kids in the urinals even though he had his own bathroom. I don't think he got fired, pretty sure he retired and his sister took over as principal. He deserved to be fired though that's for sure


red994falcon t1_jegt0so wrote

Covered up an almost school shooting as a training exercise…. Oh nvm he got an award lol