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Plumeriaas t1_jegw6wy wrote

A dude with a phd mocked my mom for using a “big word”. Like what. Tell me you’re insecure without telling me you’re insecure


Spocks_Massive_Dong t1_jegw95n wrote

Guy asked if I had change of a 20. I said no. He then asked if I had change of a 50.


Phobia117 t1_jegx7nc wrote

How come the mother never has to take a DNA test to see if the baby is theirs?


tentacleight t1_jegxvkq wrote

2 days ago this guy said jesus and the egyptians were black.


Effective-Zucchini-5 t1_jegzfhb wrote

"Is cheese a vegetable?" "Maybe it'll dry if it's sunny overnight" Both the same person


Nut_shells t1_jeh5lur wrote

My dick is 5 inches soft 4 inches hard