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Chicken-echolalia227 OP t1_jegb2mm wrote

I absolutely believe making blanket judgments against whole groups of people— any group including religious ones— is contributing to the problem. I’m really sorry that people make assumptions about you over other peoples’ behavior.

I got utterly torn apart over sharing that I was trans, and all I said was that existing felt unsafe, but I do recognize it may have been poor timing with recent events and insensitive on my part to say it then, although the comment I responded to was on how most trans people want to exist and be left alone. People even downvoted my conversation with someone mentioning being multiply-marginalized— I was just happy to see anyone speak up for us at that point. But anyway, if somebody hasn’t directly done something to you, why judge them so harshly? Y’all deserve better too. And I hope the public’s perception of y’all can change.


kohler18 t1_jegbwi3 wrote

Thank you 👍 Hope you’re doing well. The world would be better without generalizations, of any group of people.