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Tarkus_Edge t1_jegkz3q wrote

Just these last few days it's been so easy to find Reddit posts and comments shitting on the victims and their families of the Nashville shooting because they were Christian, and I'm like "How in the hell do you see yourself as the morally superior tolerant one?"


kohler18 t1_jegqkph wrote

I know. I think that’s one of the differences between America and Europe. I’ve never met any non-religious person in real life that ever thought or cared about Christians. Religion just wasn’t a part of their life. On Reddit, though, almost every non-religious person I meet wants to ban, erase, and eradicate religion entirely. I even saw someone today who claimed that religion is the worst invention ever created by humanity. Atheism is a personality trait on this website. I wish people just cared less about how other people lived their lives.