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I-love-rainbows OP t1_jeh294i wrote

But like, how do you bring it up in conversation? My bf doesn’t know I watch porn. It would be awkward to tell him.


top-shop-tyrant t1_jeh4593 wrote

Why do you feel the need to tell him? Is it a mutual term of your relationship that you guys don't watch porn? Almost everyone does. I don't see a reason to bring it up out of nowhere


Udja272 t1_jeh2kdg wrote

The chances are high that he does it too. If you want you can just ask him. Or not. But it certainly is completely normal


FoldedaMillionTimes t1_jeh4k2z wrote

Why would you need to? You didn't need him to tell you he watches it, right? What's the difference?


classic4life t1_jeh5fng wrote

Just send him a link to something you're really into, or maybe something you'd want to try with him.