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HighlyOffensive10 t1_jeh22m2 wrote

I wouldn't care. I'd be a little bothered that they felt the need to hide that from me.


I-love-rainbows OP t1_jeh294i wrote

But like, how do you bring it up in conversation? My bf doesn’t know I watch porn. It would be awkward to tell him.


top-shop-tyrant t1_jeh4593 wrote

Why do you feel the need to tell him? Is it a mutual term of your relationship that you guys don't watch porn? Almost everyone does. I don't see a reason to bring it up out of nowhere


Udja272 t1_jeh2kdg wrote

The chances are high that he does it too. If you want you can just ask him. Or not. But it certainly is completely normal


FoldedaMillionTimes t1_jeh4k2z wrote

Why would you need to? You didn't need him to tell you he watches it, right? What's the difference?


classic4life t1_jeh5fng wrote

Just send him a link to something you're really into, or maybe something you'd want to try with him.


Parking_Librarian926 t1_jeh24zw wrote

Good for her. There’s no need for a conversation and it’s polite to let her have her privacy


I-love-rainbows OP t1_jeh2fop wrote

Ty. That’s how I feel too. I really don’t think it’s something that needs to be openly communicated to your partner.


Parking_Librarian926 t1_jeh3zt6 wrote

Did something weird happen where it was suggested you shouldn’t have that privacy?


I-love-rainbows OP t1_jeh5lsk wrote

Not exactly but I’m a pretty private person and I don’t want to share everything about myself with the person I’m dating.


DeltaMx11 t1_jeh3bmb wrote

Finally, now we can watch porn together!


animeisrealokay t1_jeh2kow wrote

Tell her not to fuck up my search history with hers


spook7886 t1_jeh2skl wrote

"Here's mr buzz, magic wand. Get comfy and let me behind ya. We can watch this together, talk about whatever pops up!"


Fish_Fucker2136 t1_jeh22fn wrote

Probably nothing as long as she doesn’t have a porn addiction


sikki_nixx t1_jeh2ers wrote

Rotate my head like an owl


soiledsanchez t1_jeh23g6 wrote

If she’s never asked me and I never asked her I wouldn’t care if I found out


AmpedEnding t1_jeh51nx wrote

We normally share with each other, but if they've got something they wanna hide, I'm fine waiting until they're comfortable sharing, even if it doesn't ever happen.


DanteCubit3000 t1_jeh2kkg wrote

I'd tell her that she doesn't have to hide it. I'd also want to discuss if she feels unsatisfied. And if she does, what can we can do to change it.


Donald-Pump t1_jeh4vtn wrote

Nothing, because that's a normal thing to do.


Modern_Devil t1_jeh5g6v wrote

How did I find that out? Did I walk in on her bashing the button to a filthy John Holmes clip? Did she mean for me to walk in and find her like that?

I’m definitely going to have to explore this and maybe practice some crazy porn moves on her.


Mindless-Storage-698 t1_jeh1zhm wrote

Probably ask was there something about it she had wanted to try or was I not enough for her?


0000-username t1_jeh28l6 wrote

She often tells me, sometimes shares links to what she's watching. It would be weird if she thought she had to do anything behind my back


bigshoe_cansada t1_jeh2c9k wrote

Since I know she hates this type of content, I would try my best to understand what's going on.


I-love-rainbows OP t1_jeh2zso wrote

What if she secretly liked it but was too embarrassed to tell you? How would you handle it?


bigshoe_cansada t1_jeh3wip wrote

We were best friends even before we started dating, so we've had conversations about topics that some may consider taboo. However, if she were to develop an interest in pornography or something similar, I would need some time to process it. Given that we are both women, it is a... sensitive subject.


MulberryBrown t1_jeh36uu wrote

Watching porn isn’t the same as developing personal relationships. I would be more upset with my girlfriend flirting with another person to be honest.


CR318 t1_jeh3yyu wrote

Depending on the kind.


Silver-Syndicate t1_jeh491g wrote

"Why didn't you invite me though?" Like, seriously, I get private time, but I wanna watch once in a while. Overall I wouldn't give a damn, I would just like to be invited


[deleted] t1_jeh4ji8 wrote

Why is this oddly specific 💀


ads5531 t1_jeh4p2b wrote

I would ask her for recommendations


grahag t1_jeh4n38 wrote

I'd have her and my wife get together and show me what they like!


Daintylittlesole t1_jeh4d97 wrote

It’s me, I am the porn. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Ratakoa t1_jeh26k9 wrote

That's a deal breaker. We have a no porn agreement since neither of us like it.


I-love-rainbows OP t1_jeh2pk2 wrote

Can I ask why you have that rule? Simply because you don’t like it? Or do you both consider it cheating or immoral?


Ratakoa t1_jeh59d3 wrote

A little of both. Funny how that's being down voted though.