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Crocodile_Banger t1_jeh0uva wrote

The only situation I drive 5-100mph below the speed limit is on the German autobahn


not_edgy_just_sad t1_jeh13d0 wrote

Used to do it just to be safe. Like if I’m a bit below I won’t accidentally go over and break the law


DoItForLA t1_jeh13m5 wrote

I’m a truck driver and my speed limit (within this state) is 55. My company also trains us to leave a good cushion of space in front of us. After a 10-hour shift, I can’t easily switch back to going 65 and driving right behind people.


bradadams5000 t1_jeh1b8t wrote

I always drive right at the speed limit. Matter of fact I use cruise it's a great ticket prevention.


PolarBear374665 t1_jeh1dfk wrote

My theory is either young and nervous because they are inexperienced or old and nervous because their reflexes and reaction times aren’t what they used to be.

Then there are just a-holes that do it because they can and want to make a point. Same reason people in the US drive at the speed limit in the left lane when there is no one in the middle or right lanes preventing them from moving to the right and getting out of the way.


cjsdsp t1_jeh1f3x wrote

Got a baby in the back. I'm not taking any unnecessary chances.


FRITAPM t1_jeh1i0l wrote

Shhh, you’re interrupting their texting…


Honey_81 t1_jeh1nfu wrote

To compensate for my delayed reaction time


AustinManningReddit OP t1_jeh34y4 wrote

You do realize if you're going under the speed limit, you're probably actually increasing your chances of being in a wreck because instead of driving with the flow of traffic, you're causing other drivers to pass you so you're actually encountering a lot more drivers than you would if you flowed with traffic right?

Also, do you ever notice people riding your ass or cutting you off? It's probably because you're driving under the speed limit and irritating them.

Maybe if you don't feel safe driving the limit, you should drive on slower roads to get to your destination instead of slowing everyone down behind you?


AdmiralBofa t1_jeh35fx wrote

INFO: are weather conditions severe? Are the cars around me also going 5-10 below? Are there emergency vehicles I have to make way for? Am I in a car with a broken speedometer and there's a cop nearby?

If not, I have no idea.


cjsdsp t1_jeh35lh wrote

I don't know where you're from, but people here (west central belt in Scotland) are more likely to drive slower than the speed limit. People still speed, but it's not as many or often as it used to be.


cjsdsp t1_jeh3tv7 wrote

If I was in the overtaking lane, then maybe that would be an issue, but drivers just overtake if they're going faster than me. Honestly, I didn't think we're particularly chilled out here, but it seems we are by comparison to what your expectations suggest.


AustinManningReddit OP t1_jeh4w7f wrote

Yeah, I'm more of a if you are afraid to drive, your probably should take public transport type of person.

So if the speed limit was 40 MPH, how fast would you drive?

Even if in the slow lane, if you're going too slow, that will cause people in thebslow lane to have to merge in to the fast lane just to do the speed limit. Don't you think that backs up everyone?


Fyre-Bringer t1_jeh4xcm wrote

Not so much as ten under, but I'm an inexperienced driver who still hasn't quite figured out the pressure/acceleration ratio of the gas pedal.


cjsdsp t1_jeh5mc9 wrote

Oh, on a 40 road, I'll do 40. I'm talking about the motorway where the limit is 70mph. I'll do 65 in the slow lane. Where there's no overtaking lane, it's down to conditions and traffic that determine the speed I'll choose.