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Casual-Notice t1_jeh2zj5 wrote

The car out of nowhere. This actually became such a thing that I make it a personal point never to finish a conversation--especially one about my relationships--before entering an intersection.


DavosLostFingers t1_jeh3epb wrote

Wilhelm Scream. I found it funny when I first learned about it. It just pisses me off now

Also, if you are an attractive woman or black, don't run upstairs if a killer is chasing you


flyingwingbat1 t1_jeh3n6v wrote

Tires screeching, no matter how gentle the acceleration or stopping.

Continuous upshifting-the cars in the Fast n Furious franchise must have 50-speed transmissions


Fun_Branch1132 t1_jeh4jv5 wrote

"I'm just going to do this bad thing / dangerous job ONE MORE TIME, and then I'm getting out of the game / retiring," he says before passing away.