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ttermayhem t1_jegy4fs wrote

In a swimming pool. The water washes away natural lubricants. Kissing underwater feels like water boarding. Movies misled me.


Mu-Relay t1_jeh0y53 wrote

Likewise, beach sex is wildly overrated. You have no idea all the nooks and crannies that sand can (and will) get into.


Daintylittlesole t1_jeh5l8l wrote

It was with your mom and it was terrible it’s a wonder you’re here to be honest.



EngineeringVirgin t1_jegxuz7 wrote

The 2 times I had it in total. Both were just awkward and were really turn offs and now I’m abstinent.


madmaxroadwarrior t1_jegy1e7 wrote

Well, you can't just expect to be good at sex, you got to practice


EngineeringVirgin t1_jegz2tx wrote

Ehh I realized I just don’t like it in general, I just don’t like anything touching my gentiles in general.


raven-vixen OP t1_jeh4si5 wrote

Wow that’s really interesting I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like that


Neither_Presence_522 t1_jegyo2w wrote

The last time me and the wife had sex (in December). She’d pissed me off so bad I wasn’t really interested but felt an obligation to do it anyway. Half way through I wished I’d never started…