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spook7886 t1_jegzgc8 wrote

Taylor Swift, either I win her or I get a song about it.


bluntdogcamelboy t1_jegxdzl wrote

Riley Reid because she's a pro


duv_life t1_jegxip9 wrote

There are bad NBA players too my friend. Best of luck


Nekoninja10 t1_jegziwt wrote

Either Jodie Whittaker or Tom Felton.

Jodie because she was my bisexual confirmation as for years I always questioned my sexuality as wether what I was feeling was the same as males and when I first saw her as 13th doctor, something inside me slapped me in the face and I knew.

Tom Felton because from me being a preteen to now my crush has not changed.


Smidz t1_jeh2v93 wrote

Emilia Clarke, a natural beauty and comes across as wife material!


throwtheclownaway20 t1_jeh027c wrote

Helen Mirren. She's hot as fuck and probably a lot of fun, in and out of the sack


kohler18 t1_jegxj56 wrote

Alexandra Daddario because tities.


HighlyOffensive10 t1_jegxjhq wrote

Chris Evans. He's hot and I've had a crush on him for almost 2 decades.


JustSomeApparition t1_jegyvvj wrote

Michelle Rodriguez, Tom Hardey, and/or Laverne Cox

Why? Because they give off that "I'm going to hurt you a little bit but you're going to like" vibe. I dig that, lol.


Murder_Bird_ t1_jeh2se4 wrote

Anna Kendrick is cute and I feel like she would be fun in bed. She’s kind of a goofball and I’ve always had fun sex with those kinds of girls.


Daintylittlesole t1_jeh4j4o wrote

Mila Kunis. A lot of people say we look similar, so I just think it would be interesting. Or George Cluney because 🤤


sunsetgal24 t1_jegxluy wrote

Well, if he consented I would very much like to sleep with Logan Lerman. He was my first celebrity crush ever and still has a special place in my heart.


S_204 t1_jeh3nc3 wrote

Megan Fox. Her thumbs are irresistibly attractive.


No_Training5119 t1_jeh5bg4 wrote

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Why? I'm bi and they're hot.