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hungoverprincess t1_jeh11za wrote

Have been really debating this myself. So far I feel too cautious to do it. I am having a hard time trusting people and the thought of engaging with absolute strangers in real life in a date setting just doesn't make me feel comfortable yet. I'd much prefer to meet someone who is vetted by friends and family.


Party_Chemistry_8961 t1_jeh0dsw wrote

Explored them with fake account just to see whats happening but have been lucky enough to not have the need of using them.


Parking_Librarian926 t1_jeh0ed1 wrote

God no. It sounds awful. I’d rather take my chances on meeting someone random or even an endless slog of blind dates than dating apps. At least the bad options are slightly curated


vin-00 t1_jeh1dyi wrote

No I'm married and I want to stay married


Bigmike2523 t1_jeh4v7s wrote

Of course, that's how I met my girlfriend 7 years ago