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BumpyDenny93 t1_jeh0omw wrote

I got my period for the first time on January 6, 2003 when I was still 9 years old. I remember going into the bathroom and pulling down my pants and seeing Ketchup and literally fucking losing my mind.

I screamed so loudly because I had no idea what the hell was going on and my mom came rushing into the bathroom and she saw what was going on and was way calmer than me and I gave her a bit of a WTF look and then she left the bathroom and basically left me standing there in a very precarious position.

I eventually got out of my shock mode and pulled up my pants and when I left the bathroom, I saw my mom on the phone. Apparently she had left the bathroom and called everyone on the westside of Detroit and told them that I was on my period.

Within an hour of finding out that I am bleeding like a stuffed pig, Most of the westside of Detroit knew about it.

I can laugh about this now but I had a total WTF moment then.


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possiblythebestme t1_jeh55gy wrote

I got my first period on a family camping trip. My younger sister got it on her school field trip to Yorktown. Many of my friends got their first periods when they weren't home. That must be some kind of conspiracy, right? 🩸


therealhatman777 t1_jegzdux wrote

I woke up. felt like something was off. I went to the bathroom. blood everywhere.

up until that point I had been terrified at the sight of blood, but this time there was so much my brain simply shut off. I called my mom and told her "I think my period started" and she was all "whaaaaat how do you know what a period is?" as if I didn't have an older sister.

it was fine after that. I haven't been afraid of blood even a little bit since that day


Parking_Librarian926 t1_jeh04vl wrote

We were swimsuit shopping for a beach vacation happening two days later at a very nice but also very small boutique. Got a lot of advice from a lot of people immediately after telling my mom I’m pretty sure I got my period