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Slawth_x t1_jeh3647 wrote

A lot of board games. Gotta be tipsy


cogitoergodangerous t1_jeh37s4 wrote

Zip lines ...lengthy safety speeches, large groups mean you often wait a while before your turn, clunky gear to wear, the one person in every group holding everyone up because of fear or something silly


MuchLoveWaffleGirl t1_jeh3qau wrote

Running. Unless their is a rabid dog behind me or an ice cream truck in front of me, it is not gonna happen.


lethalload t1_jeh422g wrote

for me it’s like. anything. hanging out with people. drawing. watching tv/movies.


spacemonkeypantz t1_jeh4wx6 wrote

D&D. Not because it feels like a chore when I'm there, because once I'm there it's definitely fun. But the two hour trek to my DM's apartment certainly feels like a chore.