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MeasurementNext553 t1_jegz7x7 wrote

ADHD symptoms can vary greatly & be mistaken for other issues, leading to a lack of diagnosis & treatment. It's a complex condition.


ttermayhem t1_jeh0gqh wrote

Much in the same way diabetes can. If the symptoms aren’t bad enough to lead you to seek medical help, people just think you’re a low energy person with a small bladder.


Parking_Librarian926 t1_jegzp2r wrote

Are you a lady? Bc that helps


ttermayhem t1_jeh0kpu wrote

Are you saying women get misdiagnosed? Because they definitely do.


Parking_Librarian926 t1_jeh0t6i wrote

I’m saying they’re under diagnosed


ttermayhem t1_jeh22mh wrote

That too. I work in medicine. Women are usually diagnosed with anxiety or depression before they even acknowledge they might be in pain.


baronvb1123 t1_jeh29et wrote

If you also have bipolar II like I do apparently it causes symptoms similar to ADHD. I have both but was originally only diagnosed with Bipolar II, it was later that my doctor realized I had ADHD too. Since getting meds for that I've had much better mental health.