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Efficient_Sky_296 t1_jeh57dh wrote

Early 20’s, at some point you got to start providing for yourself.


Cautious-Advisor-128 t1_jeh2yvh wrote

Depends on individual circumstances and financial stability, but generally around mid-20s to early 30s.


ddelletedd t1_jeh325e wrote

I think this moreso depends on when their parents allow them to get a job or in other words alright with them getting a job.


JustLemmeMeme t1_jeh3n77 wrote

Well that depends on how much the parent gives a shit


Fyre-Bringer t1_jeh40hl wrote

The rule my parents had for my entire childhood was, if it's not a necessity, you're paying for it (there were more things than food and clothes that counted as a necessities.)

Meaning that once you're out of the house you're paying for your own necessities.


kohler18 t1_jeh2vlp wrote



FollowingFeisty5321 t1_jeh4ob7 wrote

That's when their needs start getting more expensive, phones, computers, transport, outgrowing clothes, and many will only have part-time minimum wage work for 15/16 -> 25/26. In many countries there's now record numbers of people in their 20s and 30s moving back in with their parents because they still can't afford to live independently.


AnonyMouseSnatcher t1_jeh3820 wrote

Usually it's whenever the parent dies. Even then though, there's sometimes inheritance


Casual-Notice t1_jeh38wf wrote

If you can afford it, never, as long as you expect them to pay you back (in a reasonable way) after they live on their own.


renegadeMare t1_jeh3pc8 wrote

If they're a minor and the parents are trying to teach them stuff, they can load a card or something for the kid (and track spending) at like around 13 years of age. That's not the kid earning money or something, it's like register and transaction and home finance knowledge.


azuriasia t1_jeh3r2u wrote

At 16 they can work and drive so that seems like the most reasonable age.


stumpykitties t1_jeh42hs wrote

Define “right”

Is the adult child in university? Maybe it’s right for parents to help them pay for school, if they can afford it.

Is the adult child straight to work and making their own income? Probably fine to not support them

Is the child a teenager, and working part time? Make them pay for their own phone plan, and put money aside into savings each month, to teach them how to manage a budget so they are prepared for adulthood. Still obviously cover everything else they need.


Wet_Clamato t1_jeh4br7 wrote

In today's economy, about 35.


erisod t1_jeh4d6j wrote

I think it's a gradual shift. Maybe buying toys with allowance at 12 in to get a sense of value, saving up, etc.

At 14 earning money from extra chores or a job to buy non essentials.

At 18 buying own clothes with a job but parents covering other expenses.

Big ticket stuff as the kid is able to earn a living.


Andromeda-Native t1_jeh2z4x wrote

No age. They chose to have a kid so they gotta be prepared to pay for it til their offspring dies or simply don’t have any children. They don’t stop being your burden just because they’re 18. That’s so selfish.


Rare_Suspect_5033 t1_jeh4j1e wrote

>They chose to have a kid

Or maybe she was raped and forced to have the child while she's still underage. I've heard there are mentally ill people in America making laws like that.


bluntdogcamelboy t1_jeh2z9g wrote

Whatever the minimum age for them to get a job is, in my state it's 14