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Bahluu t1_jegypea wrote

Teddy Roosevelt, national parks and a bad ass


ItsCowboyHeyHey t1_jeh0t0y wrote

It’s obviously Donald Trump. He’s the only president with the courage to try to fix America’s prison problems from the inside. Orange is the new orange.


Puzzleleg t1_jegxw2v wrote

Konrad Adenauer, was pretty good, pulled Germany out of the shit hole it was in previously.


Southern_Snowshoe t1_jegy0jh wrote

My sister’s pal, Shirley McLeod. Shirley was the president of our local chapter of the Shaun Cassidy fan club in 1977.


deadmagie t1_jegxopk wrote

president choice for canada


Improvedandconfused t1_jegxcqv wrote

The previous president was great. He got us new jerseys and instigated daily group rides. Membership increased almost 200 percent while he had the role.

You are talking about president of my cycling club, right?


iii_Lime t1_jegxpd5 wrote

Trump, Lincon, Roosevelt, Trueman, Kennedy Probably the best of the bunch imo