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Sea_Air_3939 t1_jeh2hf8 wrote

Take it one day at a time and focus on things that bring you joy. It won't happen overnight, but it's possible.


Lily_of_the_deep t1_jeh2l87 wrote

Find something else to fixate on.


TheChairCriedAss t1_jeh3cv9 wrote

This is how I did it. And unfortunately, the next thing I fixated on wasn't really any better. I had to just keep finding different things to fixate on until I was left with healthier options. It does work, but it may be a slow process


Andromeda-Native t1_jeh2rrf wrote

You don’t. You accept it first then you will naturally stop thinking about it, acknowledge the thoughts and just let them pass


Hoppy_Croaklightly t1_jeh2lxl wrote

Create an artwork or do a craft of some kind, something where a physical object will result at the end. Then do it again, either the same type of project or a different one.


cguy1234 t1_jeh2z7m wrote

LOTS of video games


DavosLostFingers t1_jeh31fj wrote

Find new focus really. Shit happens unfortunately. Draw a line under it, learn from it, chalk it up to life experience and move on as best you can