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renegadeMare t1_jaf3mv0 wrote

Nothing atm I could pick up the phone or email them. I don't feel like being in a meeting with a C-level person or anybody else rn. They're not distant unicorns or something and they will find you, I assure you.


brock_lee t1_jaf2djh wrote

I have been at this place for four months. I have no idea who the CEO is, so I just googled it. Never heard of him. There are, however, 40,000 employees of this company.

I honestly don't even know what most of this company does. I just have my tiny little project which is a drop in the vast bucket. So, I would not even know what to say to the CEO.


cogitoergodangerous OP t1_jaf2sn7 wrote

So you're saying you may be insignificant?


brock_lee t1_jaf2xu3 wrote

I'm saying I have no idea what to ask the CEO because I literally have no idea what he could tell me that I care about.


Azzizzi t1_jaf2m2l wrote

Thank you for the opportunity. I greatly appreciate the great team you put together.

I would not have said this at any of the last five employers.