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Guitarytown t1_jarzjd7 wrote

Hold up a sec. Your vintage boombox plays vinyl LPs?


sparksofthetempest OP t1_jas5596 wrote

Yes. Both sides without needing to take it out. It also plays 45s and you can even record the album onto the cassette using the cassette player.


EdithSnodgrass t1_jasoyr0 wrote

Do the albums skip when you're walking down the street with it on your shoulder?


sparksofthetempest OP t1_jatfeju wrote

Considering it weighs almost 50 lbs. fully loaded with it’s 10 D batteries I haven’t done it for awhile (I’m almost 60) but from what I remember it only really does it if you bounce it off your shoulder when walking. It’s an absolute beast.


CynthiaMWD t1_jatdg4c wrote

Sharp was one of the most innovative & reliable companies on the planet back in the day.


Bluest_waters t1_jatjl5b wrote

Tempted by the fruit of another

Tempted but the truth is discovered

What's been going on


PoemHonest1394 t1_jarzze1 wrote

This is great! Thanks for sharing. I would o9ve to have that one myself.


sparksofthetempest OP t1_jas4zk5 wrote

Thanks! You’re welcome. I think many people aren’t aware that they actually made boomboxes back in the 80’s with linear turntables in them. It plays both sides without needing to take the album out.


WeirdEngineerDude t1_jas80ft wrote

Housemate of mine had one in college. Blew my mind when I saw it. Much good music poured forth from it.


TA-152 t1_jc16sg9 wrote

I don’t remember those. Cool.


Multigrain_Migraine t1_jasfras wrote

Oh wow, I never knew such a thing existed! I really want one now!


sparksofthetempest OP t1_jatg9lv wrote

I originally saw it in NYC in the 80’s in an electronics store shop window (they were everywhere then) while on a college field trip and instantly fell in love with it. They do show up on EBAY regularly and there are YouTube vids of them in action.


Multigrain_Migraine t1_jatoy26 wrote

I'm just about old enough that I should have been right in the target demographic yet I never saw one before now! I did of course immediately start looking for one on eBay.


Doesnthavetobeweird t1_jas9ogq wrote

How fast does it go through batteries?


sparksofthetempest OP t1_jatfxen wrote

Honestly it depends on how much you play it, how loudly and what features you use (record player vs. tape deck vs. radio). I usually just plug it in with it’s cord.


dnsdiva t1_jau0aub wrote

Phenomenal. And a great record.