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Guitarytown t1_jarzjd7 wrote

Hold up a sec. Your vintage boombox plays vinyl LPs?


sparksofthetempest OP t1_jas5596 wrote

Yes. Both sides without needing to take it out. It also plays 45s and you can even record the album onto the cassette using the cassette player.


EdithSnodgrass t1_jasoyr0 wrote

Do the albums skip when you're walking down the street with it on your shoulder?


sparksofthetempest OP t1_jatfeju wrote

Considering it weighs almost 50 lbs. fully loaded with it’s 10 D batteries I haven’t done it for awhile (I’m almost 60) but from what I remember it only really does it if you bounce it off your shoulder when walking. It’s an absolute beast.