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Amazing_Library_5045 t1_je64d76 wrote

I bought an hydraulic (not electric/motorized) one and I just LOVE it.

I worked full-time standing upright for the past two years now. No more lower back pain! I feel energized and much more productive.

EDIT: I obviously also have an anti-fatigue mat and I lie down in my bed for 5-15min breaks multiple times per day.


hikeonpast t1_je5parq wrote

I bought Uplift motorized desk legs and made my own butcher block desk. I’ve been very happy with their product.


Accomplished_Alarm_1 OP t1_je5pg3v wrote

What Addons did you get? It feels like a very bifl purchase given you can change the top out!


hikeonpast t1_je5w8l9 wrote

It was quite a few years ago - I don’t remember getting anything other than the leg assembly.


Sesquialter t1_je6alad wrote

I've had a Walnut butcher block one for about a year and a half and i like it overall but the edges of the finish are peeling a bit at the front of the desk. It would probably be under warranty but I live alone in a walk up apartment and this thing is heavy so I probably won't bother.


AlarKemmotar t1_je86l7y wrote

Bought one for my son about a year ago, and it's very nice. Sturdy enough to sling a hammock under for a nap. Can't say how long it will last because we haven't had it long, but it certainly seems to be built well.


complywood t1_je7m964 wrote

I got a DeskHaus Apex Pro. It's a small, new company so the 20 year warranty doesn't mean that much, but the construction is bonkers. Haven't used an Uplift to compare but my desk is much sturdier than the Autonomous standing desks my company has at work.


Accomplished_Alarm_1 OP t1_jecvjkt wrote

Did you make your own top?


complywood t1_jecxf9r wrote

Got the lansing. At the time there was a sale that brought it down to $850 so it was cheaper than just the base! I do plan to commission a custom top, but I haven't gotten around to it, so I'm still using the powder coat eco top.


vincetomecular t1_je8sj0g wrote

Partner and I both bought one over the pandemic when we shifted to WFH. They’re high quality and weigh a ton. Only complaint is we got their bamboo desktops which have some kind of coating that has been flecking off on the edges. Bamboo has also faded a bit where it’s exposed to the sun. I wish we could go back and pick a different material for the desktop but these issues don’t take away from the functionality of the desk or quality of the up/down mechanism.


InfiniteGinger t1_jea9etd wrote

I got a VEVO motorized desk. 3 year warranty and tons of accessories you can attach


Clear_Knowledge_5707 t1_jecrklm wrote

How are yall paying $3,000 for a desk?

For under $400, HomeDepot sells a "workbench" desk ( designed to be hammered on and beat on and abused ) sturdier than any commercial desk I've used at work. The manual crank is super easy and fast to use - even under great load. I used my rough carpentry skills to modify workbench desk to add monitors and under desk peripheral storage.


Accomplished_Alarm_1 OP t1_jecvhau wrote

This group is about high quality items worth the price.

I can see how a work bench like that might be useful, but I don't want to have to hand crank my desk every day


Clear_Knowledge_5707 t1_jed2z1n wrote


Accomplished_Alarm_1 OP t1_jed3vkd wrote

I mean, not all motors are created the same and not all sit stand desks are made the same. Some wobble. Some are solid walnut tops. Some have smart weld points to reduce shake and movement.

Again, this group is about spending good money on high quality.

I could also get a sit stand desk on Amazon, but l it'd likely have a cheap chinese motor that won't last.

I'm not sure what to tell you. It sounds like this group might not be for you


weird_little_idiot t1_jeg702k wrote

I think that most of these cheaper ones come from same factory. Or at least they look so much a like and controls are often exactly same