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things_most_foul OP t1_iv6ba4j wrote

Danner Acadias


PlushKaram t1_iv6efvo wrote

But how can I justify paying 4x as much for a boot that lasts 10x as long 😭


juicysweatsuitz t1_iv6elsr wrote

They’re 350 at Dicks sporting goods rn.


Spute2008 t1_iv9a0au wrote

What kind of soles. My point is that I look for Vibram stitched on soles for two reasons. They are usually a sign of quality to begin with, and the sole can be easily replaced if it should ever wear down or (god forbid) crack.

Apologies. Had typo. Vibram "soles"


VanillaGorilla59 t1_ivayacm wrote

Vibram? Like the word or is that an item? Forgive my ignorance.


Spute2008 t1_ivbc14d wrote

Also, stitched on soles are far less common now than when I was a teenager. But the glues used today are superio, so I don't mind if they're not stitched these days.


Hessarian99 t1_ivhwq8p wrote

Glies are similar to what they were 20 years ago it's just that people are cheap SOBs now and can't imagine repairing something vs throwing it away


Spute2008 t1_ivjdfxw wrote

If you invest in top quality (mostly leather) dress boots, dress shoes, hikers, and take care of them they should basically last forever. $100 shoes will never survive. $400 and up? Bloody better last, but you need to look after them like a car, with regular visits to a Shoe professional after so many miles.

And why not learn how to touch up and polish your own shoes. My dad taught me as a young teen. Though I don't wear dress shoes for work much anymore, I love knowing how. And other than my brother, I don't know a single person under 60 that knows how!


siler7 t1_ivb0fqu wrote

> What kind of some.

Asking the real questions here.


DenimCryptid t1_iv6ncgn wrote

And looks infinitely better its entire life instead of steadily falling apart at the seams after the first year


Jlove7714 t1_iv86vrv wrote

To be fair, I would say the average pair lasts about 4x as long not 10.


jhenryscott t1_iva3p75 wrote

To quote the once and future king.



Jlove7714 t1_ivc6leh wrote

Not trying to disparage the brand, but the welt and midsole will wear out and probably around the fourth resole. Sure you could replace those parts too but it's going to be costly.

Not sure what boots you're comparing them to that will give out in 1/10th the time. My $130 pair will most likely last 1/4th as long.


jhenryscott t1_ivgih7w wrote

I’m just giving you a hard time I wear red wings


MildlyPaleMango t1_iv74lld wrote

Went between these and the redwing 4473s for the same reason, great repair process.


cosmorocker13 t1_iv842fd wrote

Aren’t the 4473’s discontinued now


MildlyPaleMango t1_iv88x5b wrote

I got some 2-2.5 years ago. They were special order only if I remember correctly but they just so happened to have someone who ordered them and never came to pick them up in my size and color


Bighippie7408 t1_iv7zvjc wrote

How much is it to have them resoled?


BiteableTugboat t1_iv98lzi wrote

It seems like $90-120 is the going rate lately for a new sole and sometimes a quick leather recondition is included. Might seem pricey to someone used to purchasing cheap tennis shoes, but for a $250+ boot that is broken in perfectly for your foot, it becomes well worth it.


Throwaway021614 t1_iv8vz80 wrote

And where? Not many shoe repair places around these days


Bighippie7408 t1_iv8wh0c wrote

Well, I know you can send these back to Danner for resoling and you can do the same with Redwings


ravia t1_iv8x73o wrote

OK, what about Redwings hikers that don't have stitched soles?


dmbmthrfkr t1_iv911s8 wrote

SOL, you need /r/goodyearwelt footwear.


ravia t1_iv914k5 wrote

I'll just keep ShooGooing them til it's all ShoeGoo.


catzrob89 t1_iva1iya wrote

I would love to see a pair of shoegoo shoes.


DigitalAssassin-00 t1_iv8taac wrote

These are the Cadillac of workbooks. I had a pair for a little over 3 years and I absolutely loved them. I've been buying Danner boots for 10 years now and I haven't found a better fit since then. I try new boot brands every time I get new boots and still come back with Danners every time.


Amyx231 t1_iv74ecl wrote

…they deserve some nice new laces for their birthday. And a shot of whiskey. Well son, today you’re a man.


PunManStan t1_iv6z5dc wrote

Okay why are some only 150 while others are 400? They look like they're the same too.


RelentlessFuckery t1_iv740qr wrote

Where are you seeing Danner Acadias for $150?


PunManStan t1_iv744af wrote

Just Googled it and like a third of the prices that came up where under 200


RelentlessFuckery t1_iv75hog wrote

The only ones Im seeing under $350 are either used or Mil Surplus or both.


PunManStan t1_iv75n3y wrote

Weird I wonder why my results are cheaper. They're probably just used and I didn't notice.


ericj5150 t1_iv7il8e wrote

I just Googled and Dick’s at $350 was the least expensive, EXCEPT for PoshMark. PoshMark is people reselling stuff. Some of it is really good. And if you are a woman’s 7.5 those boots are a steal at $237. So probably someone got a pair right before they got discharged and they were never used or similar story.


Telomera t1_iv7j42r wrote

I just saw a womens 9 on there for $79 and now I’m tempted.


WalkMaximum t1_iv9fjw8 wrote

What’s wrong with military surplus?


RelentlessFuckery t1_iva2yly wrote

In this case? Nothing that I am aware of.

However mil surp supplies can be very limited, so when OP asked about pricing differences, comparing NIB prices from a retailer vs NIB prices on a pair of size 14s for sale from somebody who bought an auction pallet? That can explain some discrepancies in cost.

Plus, Mil Surp often doesn't get the same customer support as retail items. I used to work for a company that sold items retail and to the military. Retail items had full lifetime warranty, items sold to the military did not - they had a different repair/replace contract.


RelentlessFuckery t1_iv6kv0k wrote

I think mine are about the same age. About the same condition too. I'm thinking about sending them in for refurb. Need new soles and the liner is finally starting to give out. Great boots!


pdxbearsfan1914 t1_iv79c8r wrote

How are the toes not cut to pieces? That always the first thing that gets bad on mine, i guess i may just be clumsy?


OutsideYourWorld t1_iv8vdl1 wrote

Probably not used for anything too crazy, i'd imagine.


aeonamission t1_iv8y1ws wrote

I was just thinking this. I do land surveying and these would be torn up in about a year. Doesn't matter what material they are.


OutsideYourWorld t1_iv8ypab wrote

I work in various forestry stuff, and i'm lucky if a good pair of boots lasts a spring, summer, and fall season. Guaranteed these Acadia's wouldn't.

I love Danners for comfort, but I recall using a pair of them for ONE day on the job and they got ripped in multiple spots along the stitchdown seams.


pdxbearsfan1914 t1_iv9tsxh wrote

Jeez, i had a pretty decent pair of Danners they discontinued that lasted about a year. I work in the automotive field so they got tore up from kicking metal stuff all the time. I retired them and got some Red Wing a few months back, should've done the rubber toe cap because they are already looking pretty rough.


OutsideYourWorld t1_ivbfdob wrote

I got a pair of NFPA rated red wings for wildland firefighting. Two months in and the heel on one blew out. The soles are fine, the rest of the boot is fine, but the heel is fucked.

I've yet to find long lasting boots for my type of work. And I just can't bring myself to dropping the massive cash for Nicks. I'm probably just going to stick to military surplus and buying second hand quality boots :P


things_most_foul OP t1_ivb6qkv wrote

Used for five years daily wear. They’ve been my motorcycling boots since. About 30,000 km including a month where is rode an enfield over the Himalayas and into the Karakorams.


LAZERPANDA15 t1_iv7dfev wrote

The Black Box Paradox: Why can’t they just make the sole… out of the laces?


averkill t1_iv79zuq wrote

So you've never had a puppy, I'd say.


skibumpdump t1_iv852we wrote

Have you worked in them at all? Or are they just walking/winter boots? (Looking for better/longer lasting work boots).


things_most_foul OP t1_ivb7s4y wrote

Daily wear for five years, though generally light duty. They’ve been my hiking and motorcycle wear for the last 16 years.


I_H8_Celery t1_iv7dlpz wrote

I have a pair of Danner Rainforests I got last year and they are not worth the price at all. Maybe worth $260 but definitely not the $440 they charge now. The leather and sole are good but they have zero arch support and the heel counter fell apart immediately leaving the uppers pretty floppy. For $440 you can get sale priced Nicks or Whites. For less you can get the 300 by JK or something similar from Drew’s ore Frank’s.


CartographerFew8764 t1_iv8hrm2 wrote

How tf have you gone through 4 resoles and not a set of laces? What about the eyelets


OutsideYourWorld t1_ivfutxb wrote

He said in another thread they were motorcycling boots. So it kinda makes sense.


lobre370 t1_iv7jtix wrote

Survived 21 years of Calgary winters! That's impressive. My Red Wing are nearly 10. I thinking they make 20.


things_most_foul OP t1_ivdl6t2 wrote

I worked yes, front line emergency response for five years to be fair. The rest of the time has been hiking and adventure motorcycle riding, including a month riding over the Himalayas and into the Karakorams.


Spiffy_Pumpkin t1_iv80ksm wrote

Oooooo as a goth I strongly desire these shoes.


holybatjunk t1_iv829ew wrote


not for the first time am I like "oohhh a boot made for me, a goth girl," only to find out that apparently I'm looking at some sort of working man's boot.


Faeglantina t1_iv9ltgt wrote

Great boots for smashing the patriarchy OR dry wall.


Spiffy_Pumpkin t1_iv8a5yc wrote

Yeeeah, I am concerned that it might not be available in my size. Many work shoes are not available in my size.


Lavaine170 t1_iv8u9ui wrote

One of the great things about Danner (besides being BIFL) is that they understand that women do, in fact, wear boots. The Acadia is available in a narrower width down to a ladies size 5.

I work with some ladies who have very small feet, and these are their go-to boot because of the sizing.


shurdi3 t1_iwmbglz wrote

Most built tough to last a lifetime boots will tend to be blue collar work boots, cause these are the people that need reliable footwear the most.


holybatjunk t1_iwmxm2h wrote

That's entirely sensible! I am aware. But that very logical thought process only works if as a starting point if you know what sub you're in. I just saw the thumbnail and clicked, driven not by practicality or value proposition but by "oooh, pretty boots!"


shurdi3 t1_iwovmv0 wrote

Ah, gotcha

Same thing happens to me when I'm browsing my front page sometimes


nchoe123 t1_iv7pywm wrote

Boots of Theseus!


CatchyNameSomething t1_iv8a5a5 wrote

How often do you wear them? Editing to ask how much were they 21 years ago?


things_most_foul OP t1_ivb85cp wrote

I used them for daily work wear for five years. Since then I’ve put about 30k km on them as adventure motorcycle wear including a month of crossing the Himalayas and Karakorams.


nick_2112 t1_iv8dk0v wrote

bro you from yyc? i recognize the building in the back


Codazzle t1_iv9azvn wrote

Am I crazy or is this Calgary? I have biked down that road in the BG many many times lol


SoupEater32 t1_iv9ypxl wrote

I thought it looked like Calgary too. Loved my time there.


ragnarok62 t1_iv85eix wrote

I bought my Italian-made Vasque Sundowners in 1990. Still going strong. And yes, still the original laces also.


kwagmire9764 t1_iv8g5wg wrote

Pretty sure these were the ones they gave us in basic training when we still used black boots. Really glad when we switched to tan boots, no more shining boots!


No_Conversation8959 t1_iv8yl6h wrote

At the risk of sounding a boomer vet, I have this to say. When the army went away from pressed uniforms and black boots, Soldiers stopped caring what they looked like in uniform. ACUs looked like a pile of shit.


thomasjamesF t1_iv8vci7 wrote

Lol thought this was blurry calgary. Screw this weather eh.


Sheesh284 t1_iv8wjw1 wrote

Now that’s some quality


mrp1ttens t1_iv94r1j wrote

I love my acadias. 10 years and still going strong. They’ll outlast me.


jcrreddit t1_iv9xipn wrote

“The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money.

Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK for a season or two and then leaked like hell when the cardboard gave out, cost about ten dollars. Those were the kind of boots Vimes always bought, and wore until the soles were so thin that he could tell where he was in Ankh-Morpork on a foggy night by the feel of the cobbles.

But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that'd still be keeping his feet dry in ten years' time, while the poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.

This was the Captain Samuel Vimes 'Boots' theory of socioeconomic unfairness.” —Terry Pratchett


jBiscanno t1_iv8nqyb wrote

Original laces?! My boot laces last a year, maybe 18 months if I’m lucky.


rlsanders t1_iv8psqy wrote

Are you in pripyat fellow stalker? Super asthetic


yowhatsupdog t1_iv8wi2k wrote

Someone stole my danners out of my truck, seeing this makes me miss them


bigdumbhick t1_iv98g3i wrote

I bought a pair of 14N for $100 on E-Bay. Brand new. DHS surplus. The thing about them though is the Acadia run narrow so they need up being 14XN or 14A and I had to get them stretched. I wish they had speed laces. I I swapped out the laces for some thinner parachute cord.


Gladiators10 t1_iv98vpk wrote

Wow. Laces these days on boots and oxfords hard last a year for me.


milky_mouse t1_iv8o2la wrote

Your bed to bathroom slippers?


birdmantis420 t1_iv8w1l9 wrote

So used once a year to walk to the local store? I’ve been through $20 oiled canvas laces in a single year, on any boot


Phokiss t1_iv9q21f wrote

You never wear them though.


things_most_foul OP t1_ivb94vk wrote

I wore them for five years daily. Had them resoled on approach to winter each year. Since them, they’ve been my hiking boots and have put about 20,000 miles on them as adventure motorcycle boots, including being my only footwear for five weeks as I rode from New Delhi to northern Ladakh on an enfield.


aar1238 t1_iv8gfch wrote

You a cop? They don't look like they've seen much action