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Ya-Dikobraz OP t1_iwxmi07 wrote

Yes but I don’t run it when there is a cat in the room.


-Ripper2 t1_iwyfp6f wrote

I have several of those old fans . My oldest one is from the 20s and looks almost like new. It doesn’t even hardly have any protection around the blade. But I don’t use them much either anymore since I ended up getting my mothers cat because she had to go to a nursing home. I’m afraid he’ll get his tail stuck in it. He got Very close one time, and I said that is it.


Mountain_Man_88 t1_ix03q0h wrote

Do your old fans get kinda hot on the motor? I have one and it gets a little toasty. Not sure how normal that is. There's a little hole on the back to put oil in, but I'm not sure how much or what kind should be used.


Verity41 t1_ix0q4j2 wrote

I have this going on too. Had one of these fans gathering dust in my garage for years, both because I’m worried about how warm it gets there and also because that open grill freaks me out frankly. I should probably just donate / sell the thing.