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Brolonious t1_j1qjhcy wrote

I have to stop buying these. I have a bunch for work and then a bunch for not work.

Coworkers were talking socks the other day and I mentioned these and how they're around $20/pair and they all thought I was nuts but I only buy other brands for the gym.


Snuggledtoopieces t1_j1qp5x7 wrote

It’s honestly just cheaper overall.

I used to have to buy socks every year, now I’ve got like 15 pairs of these and they just last and last.

so honestly unless I lose them they’ll pay for themselves eventually. Haven’t had to warranty anything yet though.


AdministrativeAct902 t1_j1s9778 wrote

Absolutely this. Have 13 pairs, already went through warranty twice on my first pairs. Was extremely easy, they absolutely stand by their products. Amazing investment.

Also the full cushion socks are frigging stellar.


TheProgrammingGoblin t1_j1th95n wrote

It's taken over 1000 miles in boots for me to start seeing some thinning on my first pair. I'm never buying socks from anyone else.


dyork84 t1_j1ut8ss wrote

Wow! I was wondering when they will start breaking down. My oldest pairs are 5 years old and have been worn and laundered once a week. I found a weak point by the emblem when I pull them up otc however the foot top and bed have yet to show signs of degradation.


IndyScan t1_j1qusz6 wrote

Am I the only one who has an issue with the fit of these socks? They are really tight on the top of my foot where my leg connects.

I had one pair that were so tight they hurt to walk in & I had to get a replacement (which was painless).

Do they eventually break in? Love the quality and the lifetime guarantee but I can’t get past the fit.

I don’t have abnormal feet (AFAIK).


danisnotstan t1_j1r3wqw wrote

I have around 50 pairs and have the same issue with some of them. Each style can fit different, even in the same size and height. I have some 1/4 socks that are like barely over ankle and some that are half way to micro crew. Maybe DT can guide you to a better option?


JustAnotherOlive t1_j1rwo8l wrote

50 pairs?! Are you a centipede?


danisnotstan t1_j1s4056 wrote

Different pairs for different footwear and I don’t like doing laundry lol.


AndAwayyWeGooo t1_j1rxb5y wrote

I also have different styles and some of have that fit issue. Those are the socks that aren't as soft and don't stretch as much. I think that Darn Tough also just fits a little tighter than other socks.

Edit: Styles 1617 and 1437 are the ones I don't like.

1683, 1474, 1769, 1982 are great so far


ParryLimeade t1_j1r5xye wrote

I have this issue with women’s sizes so I buy men’s sizes. No ankle issue.


regaphysics t1_j1rsj9u wrote

You aren’t alone. I don’t hate the tight fit for hiking - that’s really what they built it for - but I definitely don’t like darn tough for daily use. My feet end up far warmer and more comfortable in looser and thicker socks. I also have regular width feet.


blbd t1_j1sfjgv wrote

Certain models are too tight around the heel and ankle for my monstrous sized feet. I've had to do an exchange here and there. But I haven't had one single failure in the ones that do fit in many years of use. I got my dad using them also.


CookBaconNow t1_j1u84tj wrote

Yes, they are uncomfortably tight in the toe box for me. I wear a 12w shoe. Great socks, but Smartwool XL size is perfect.

Nothing like a good pair of socks!


Wintrgreen t1_j1ufqzo wrote

I have an issue where my feet are right in between a M and L in their sizing so the mediums are a bit too tight and the larges are a bit too big.


SelfBoundBeauty t1_j1riapf wrote

I did the same thing for my dad this year! He did not appreciate me telling him they are the last socks he will need...


Jimmytowne t1_j1r9pc9 wrote

And on the 7th day, OP walked barefoot


4__4-- t1_j1v7hs9 wrote

I have four pairs, I wear each one for a couple of days... since you know, wool. I do want to buy four more, however.


mtn-cat t1_j1rya8m wrote

My husband got me several pairs for Christmas and has completed my collection so I’ll never buy socks again! I love Darn Tough


N64SmashBros OP t1_j1qd8yf wrote

I've had 1-2 pairs of DT socks prior. Was very lucky to get 4 more this Christmas. Best socks ever, I have some lifestyle weight and some hiking/boots weight as well. They take the abuse, the warranty process is seamless. Well worth their price!


pumpkinsword t1_j1qr665 wrote

Pro tip: Keep them together stacked instead of rolled together. Darn tough recommend this as well. Helps it keep its elastic-ness.


Positive_Parsnip420 t1_j1qs7ex wrote

Big time pro tip. Goes for most of our items with elastics. Release the pressures when you can and don’t store under tension.


SadElkBoy t1_j1qwbma wrote

And then I will have a bunch of lost socks


NetCaptive t1_j1s9obi wrote

3 pairs look like counterfeits based on a post a few days back. All the extra threading on the inside.


AllEncompassingThey t1_j1s71kk wrote

Are these the ones they don't want you to wash and dry like normal socks?


N64SmashBros OP t1_j1s89ol wrote

I don't do anything special, I abuse the shit outta them. Oldest pair is 5+ years, over 1000 miles hiked in em. A lil stretched out, 2 holes from wear. Will probably warranty them in ~5 more years.


go_comatose_for_me t1_j1tmew1 wrote

Man, when I get that much wear out of a pair of socks, I support them by buying another pair.


shabbalabadingdong t1_j1t8lbc wrote

Does anyone find their sizing off? I bought my BF two pairs from Altitude Sports in a L (he’s a 10 and size chart says L is 10-12) but it’s really tight??? Purchased the light weight/light cushion socks.


CookBaconNow t1_j1u8fx4 wrote

See above. They run small in the toe area to me. Im a 12w shoe. It hurts.


bunnycook t1_j1tfug3 wrote

My kid gave me 4 pairs for Xmas! I already have 3, so I’m set.


carbonated_ninja t1_j1u8un2 wrote

Do any EU bros know where to buy these for a good price? All I'm finding is 35+ € for a pair.


10pBjjKing t1_j1unky4 wrote

You need one more pair for the week


Nyc-14 t1_j1utv3d wrote

Got two more for Christmas also, now have 8 total. Love the fit and moisture control but HATE how messed up they get when washed/dried.

Instructions say to dry them on low heat, but they come out looking horrible, with dozens of little lint pieces stuck tightly into the fabric.

Anyone know a way around this? Ruined one of my new pairs just yesterday in the dryer :(


N64SmashBros OP t1_j1vuxgx wrote

I'll be honest I never look that closely at mine. I just use and abuse them lol.