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redditsux4me t1_iy58s8e wrote

For future reference ... Make life easier than all that wiring.


popsicle_of_meat t1_iy59fdk wrote

I don't see those taps having a 3rd wire to provide power when the car is shut off, though? At least not for my car. I don't think these would work if you want to enable parking mode.


redditsux4me t1_iy5byuf wrote

Best way is to tap it into a small lithium backup battery, and a circuit to prevent battery drain. Blackvue offers these but it's cheaper to cobble your own. I do prefer these taps where appropriate, though. Makes wiring much easier.


popsicle_of_meat t1_iy5cqbh wrote

But then I have to find a place for the battery. I always read that keeping lithium batteries stored in a car (with drastic temperature swings--up to 160F in some cases) was bad for batteries?


redditsux4me t1_iy5f1e9 wrote

Bad for all batteries, yes. New modern cells are much better at higher temps. The real problems occur at extreme low temps, where they won't charge or they get severely damaged by charging.


Throwaway56138 t1_iy5sxhv wrote

Or just run the wires a little longer like in OP. You're way overcomplicating this.


redditsux4me t1_iy5up5s wrote

How do you figure I'm over complicating this? I offered my input as someone who owned and operated three separate car stereo and accessories installation companies.


Arcal t1_iy8s5f6 wrote

This is why some dashcams now come with super capacitors vs lithium cells. No degradation of performance over time/temp and they charge near instantaneously.


on_the_nightshift t1_iy6agey wrote

Late model Subarus have a circuit that drains the battery from the factory!


titosrevenge t1_iy6vu1u wrote

> Based on the settlement agreement, each of the 13 named plaintiffs will receive $4,000, and the attorneys who represented those owners will receive more than $4 million.



farmdve t1_iy8o40f wrote

I would avoid lithium ion batteries in hot climates and in general.


redditsux4me t1_iy9jz8u wrote

Yeah, that technology that is literally embedded in every computer, every phone, so many boats/RVs, and homes, is just unproven and scary. Best to just avoid all those things.


farmdve t1_iy9rlz0 wrote

Cars in the heat outside will generally reach 60c inside the cabin. A lithium ion battery hidden behind the dash may stay at those temps even after you've turned on the AC due to the restricted airflow.

In negative temperatures there are also anomalies and most cars need a few minutes to heat up.


MyMomSaysIAmCool t1_iy5hm9b wrote

Usually the mirror area has constant power for things like emergency buttons and map lights. And there's usually switched power up there as well, although sometimes it can behave oddly. For instance, my V60 has switched power that comes on when you unlock or open a door, and stays on until the car is off and locked, or off and unlocked for several minutes. That was perfect for my use, because it meant that I could start the camera just by unlocking the car. If a scenario ever came up where I wanted to record events in front of the car, I could just tap the unlock button.


_BindersFullOfWomen_ t1_iy5it92 wrote

Yep. When I installed my Valentine1 many years ago I used the passenger airbag light as the source wire. Was right there next to the mirror and it only had power when the key was in the ignition.


FullLegalUsername t1_iy85wh8 wrote

Chiming in for anyone who might see this. Please don’t tap power from the airbag circuit. Sending power or ground, even using a test light, on the wrong wire could cause your airbags to go off. Wires in yellow/orange plugs and loom are a no no.

Source: professional installer for 20+ years.


_BindersFullOfWomen_ t1_iy86jjs wrote

It wasn’t the airbag circuit though. It was just the light that tells you whether the airbag is enabled or not. Or are you saying that’s all part of the same circuit?


FullLegalUsername t1_iy87a97 wrote

I’m only saying to stay off of the airbag circuit in general, especially for a DIYer. I’m honestly not sure how the indicator circuit would be tied into the rest of the airbag circuit without seeing a schematic of the specific car, but I wouldn’t risk it. It’s like the number one rule in install bay.


_BindersFullOfWomen_ t1_iy87m1w wrote

That’s fair. I remember when I swapped out steering wheels; I was so paranoid I waited like 6 hours after disconnecting the battery.


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popsicle_of_meat t1_iy6hiq7 wrote

You need a 3rd wire to provide power for the 'parking mode'.


[deleted] t1_iy6lq75 wrote



GTAsian t1_iy6tw13 wrote

OP has three wires (Batt, ACC, GND). If you only have two wires and your dash cam starts with your vehicle, then that means you're connected to an Accessory or Ignition wire and aren't able to use parking mode.


drewforty t1_iy6ae6x wrote

and even easier than taps: plug-and-play mirror dashcam harnesses:


admiralinho t1_iy84tvl wrote

Dongar is awesome. Great product, easy to use, and awesome customer service.

I got one of his adapters this year, but it didn't fit, even though I bought the "right" one for my car. Turns out that I had a new mirror that hadn't been specced yet. The owner custom made an adapter for me to try, and I got it installed and working perfectly less than a week after my initial order.


sploittastic t1_iy5b3v3 wrote

Would you need to use taps? I'd imagine you could find a male and female set of the connector the mirror uses, and make a short cable with a soldered tap that's plug and play. I'd imagine this guy could hook you up


jonboy999 t1_iy8nsrd wrote

I've bought an OEM mirror harness for 2 Subarus. The camera wires just slot straight into it.


Kyanche t1_iy5fuyy wrote

Is the principle behind these sorts of things being safe that the wires going to the mirror have to be rated for 7.5A because the smallest fuse on that panel is 7.5A? So you can safely wire additional things inline without the risk of running too much current through the wires?

I've always been sketched out at the idea of tapping existing connections because I figured they wouldn't have much available overhead. Heheh. I mean, there's no telling if that mirror isn't already wired with lights and other things that take up the rest of the (presumed) 7.5A circuit?

It'd be much nicer if I could just make a little extension cable instead of sticking tap pins into the connector like that.


MyMomSaysIAmCool t1_iy5imt6 wrote

You're basically right. If the fuse is 7.5a, then the wires can handle at least that.

Typically automative wiring is a bit oversized, because you can't spec an exact wire size for a circuit's draw. You have to buy the size that supports it, and that may be a bit bigger. For instance, to run 15' of wire to support your 7.5a draw, you'd use 12ga wire. But that wire can handle 10 amps, so you have plenty of reserve.

And the fuses are also a bit oversized, because nobody wants a car that'll constantly pop fuses. The device on that circuit might draw 5 amps or less normally.

Dashcams draw very little power. Google says 0.5a at 5v is typical.

The result is that you have a healthy safety margin built in, and you're not risking much by plugging a dashcam into the circuit.

Empirically, I've done it on 4 or 5 cars at this point, and have never had an issue.


Kyanche t1_iy5l17o wrote

That's great news, because in our cadillac I so don't want to go digging through the A pillars and dashboard lol. In my Jeep it's simple and there's a gazillion videos of people doing it.


redditsux4me t1_iy5hge9 wrote

I agree. It would be ideal to have something that just plugs in on-line with the mirror wiring using factory matching plugs, but it's not my product. It's probably a cost saving method since this works reasonably well and securely.

As far as 7.5 amp wiring, unsure on that but. Probably sized to the maximum imagined current draw for a dashcam or radar detector.


5150_Ewok t1_iy7e4ju wrote

Eh…the wiring is easy enough to hide in a panel 🤷‍♂️.

New people don’t even notice my dash camera until the start up chime barges into our conversation


vitaminz1990 t1_iy6uolz wrote

As mentioned, doesn’t support parking mode. But I used something similar by tapping into my rear view power and it was such a breeze. Definitely recommend.


_Blitzer t1_iy8i6oi wrote

Even easier - get one of these, which has the USB connector built in. I've got a 2018 outback (very similar wiring setup to the 2023) and my dashcam install took all of ~10 minutes:


redditsux4me t1_iy9k5d0 wrote

That's a great option for cams that use USB. The Blackvue doesn't, however.


_Blitzer t1_iya4is1 wrote

Oh, right! Your blendmount solves that part nicely!


TA_faq43 t1_iy5hfcg wrote

Front and rear dash cams should be standard options these days.


Zech08 t1_iy5vdoq wrote

Kinda messed up in some countries they just... have it enabled and it gets basically disabled or unused in the U.S.


Daddy_Oh_My t1_iy6iv2v wrote

Or at the very least run a circuit up there and a micro/mini usb port.


nashkara t1_iy9cpxj wrote

USB-C with high USB-PD wattage


sudo_mksandwhich t1_iy9hdo5 wrote

No need for PD. If you're designing a dashcam that needs more than the standard 5 V × 500 mA = 2500 mW of power on a normal USB port, you're doing something very wrong.


Anon_8675309 t1_iy8t8u7 wrote

No. What should be standard is the wiring necessary for it. That way we can choose our own cams.


OperationMobocracy t1_iy7zdnf wrote

It's surprising they're not integrated already. I think the problem isn't just providing a cleanly integrated camera, it's the user interface and access to the camera's storage/video footage that's also an engineering headache.

This seems like an obvious feature add for the infotainment system -- a screen that provides a camera UI. The head unit has access to the USB ports (Carplay and USB media playback), so writing to a USB stick for exporting footage shouldn't be a problem.

But I have little faith we'd ever see this on a Subaru unless Harmon decided that dashcam management was something they wanted to get into. Subaru seems to tolerate garbage from Harmon, so asking for more features seems unlikely.

Cameras with their own wifi or bluetooth access probably could bypass this, but there's still issues with getting a mobile device connected that would ultimately require some kind of UI functionality.


TA_faq43 t1_iy89047 wrote

With the trend these days, wouldn’t surprise me if this was sold as SaS and users have to buy monthly subscription plans.


OperationMobocracy t1_iyax20d wrote

You're not wrong.

I mean, app-based remote start is sold SaS. I guess I might buy a similar service at a similar cost and timeline as remote start for app-based remote image retrieval.

I think if I'm buying the fucking dash camera hardware as part of an option/package, then basic access to my dashcam video ought to be free and not SaS. I guess I tolerate the remote start cost because it offsets some of the cost of the cellular modem in the car, and it was dirt cheap for a long time.

I'm glad I'm old enough to not see this economy in 25 years -- the capitalists will have everyone on a weekly rental plan and working at jobs that just pay the weekly rent.


WellTimedPoop t1_iy8e25m wrote

I love having them standard in my car. I haven't needed the footage yet, but I've had plenty of close calls and every time I'm happy I had the cameras if needed


Rick91981 OP t1_iy50url wrote

You might need to visit the actual link to see the captions/details, the embedded viewer isn't showing them for some reason.

This is an install on a 2023 Subaru Legacy with Eyesight. I installed a Blackvue dashcam using their hardwire kit to enable parking mode.


Lecturnoiter t1_iy53xru wrote

I have one hard wired in my 2016. Just a tip, consider adding some keywords for the year/trim in the title and comments here so it's more easily searchable.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy54s52 wrote

Thanks. Can't edit the title, but I edited my comment above to add the model and year to help with searches.


VagueGooseberry t1_iy8mbbc wrote

I am guessing its similar for the Outback.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy8vf7c wrote

The front camera should be identical. The rear will be slightly different running it to the tailgate.


NotTobyFromHR t1_iy59yn6 wrote

I wonder how long before car companies add a USB port near the rear view mirror.


Toastbuns t1_iy5a68q wrote

How long before they start charging us a monthly subscription fee to use the usb port.


NotTobyFromHR t1_iy5i7os wrote

I refuse to buy a car that requires subscriptions for local features that don't require cloud connectivity. You want to charge for on star, or unlocking from my phone, fine. But to use the built in heated seats or some other subscription? Nope.


iaalaughlin t1_iy5vng6 wrote

I’d be kind of surprised if they do (and advertise it).

I imagine most companies are more than willing to put in a factory dashcam for an extra $2k though, or as part of the safety and technology package that’s $8k.


cbabbx t1_iy6q908 wrote

It's already a thing. You are correct.

Toyota 100% offers them on a handful of models. Reasonably priced too.


loosebolts t1_iy7kuab wrote

Interesting - That looks an ideal dashcam. I currently use an Aukey DR02 but that Toyota integrated one looks great - no superfluous screen, nice big buttons, wifi integrated...

Can you get these/an alternative without owning a Toyota?


cbabbx t1_iy88dad wrote

Must own a Toyota. The connection for the camera to be powered on already exists on the models listed. It can come pre-installed from the factory or can be added after purchase through the service department. It's not a standard connector (like USB). Every automaker uses their own types of connectors for various components.


loosebolts t1_iy91z6l wrote

Dang. I’m assuming then it’ll be using canbus for the ignition on/off signal. If it was a standard 12v/ign/gnd you could make your own loom to go in other cars.


time_fo_that t1_iy5w45p wrote

Why don't they just integrate the camera where the rain/light sensors go already?


mz3ns t1_iy6dhr0 wrote

Skoda (VW sub-brand) in the EU has an optional USB-c port on the mirror


popsicle_of_meat t1_iy59lbi wrote

Nice work! Did this same thing for my dashcam, but for the rear camera I went up over the doors. Same end result, just more tucking and less trim removal.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy5e55g wrote

Thanks! I thought about going that route but wanted to stay away from the airbags


Tamedkoala t1_iy6v2rj wrote

You would have only needed to disconnect the 12v battery and route the wire behind the airbags to be extra cautious.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy6vbrd wrote

That's what I did for the A pillar but for the rear camera it was just easier to go along the floor and not worry about the airbag at all


Tamedkoala t1_iy6vis1 wrote

Gotcha. The B pillar was an absolute bitch to put back together on mine anyway…damn seat belt mechanisms


Rick91981 OP t1_iy7wakt wrote

Haha yeah another good reason to go along the floor. All I had to do by the b pillar was tuck it in at the bottom.


philo_ t1_iy62ff2 wrote

I consider myself comfortable more than comfortable actually doing electrical stuff and messing with radios and cameras and all that. I hate dealing with the trim pieces though. There should be a special place in hell for the people who design those clips and make it hard to find exact replacements without paying a stealership. .

Oh and Mitsubishi you have an even more special place for the way you setup the dash and what I needed to do to put and aftermarket hu in.

Sent from my 2008 Mitsubishi endeavor with aftermarket radio with Android auto and Apple play auxiliary bt mic and soon to be installed front and rear cameras.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy63j9k wrote

Haha my only experience is with the Subaru trim on both this car and my old one. They all came off easily and other than the A pillar, went back on pretty easily as well.


NuGundam7 t1_iy9cjz7 wrote

For real. It wasnt that long ago when nearly every piece of trim in both of the vehicles I owned had screws, and pretty much only screws.


dice1111 t1_iy747uv wrote

Best cams you can buy. I made pics to do a similar install DIY, but didn't do it and you did. Nice.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy7w5mw wrote

They've worked well for me. Had a 900s for over 2 years before I decided to upgrade.


cowings t1_iy87jjw wrote

I recently took a job that has be traveling a good bit, and have been interested in a 'dash cam'. What brand are you referencing?


dice1111 t1_iy8a5h4 wrote

The Blackvue series. Expensive, but made for extremely harsh winters and have excellent capture quality and features.


cowings t1_iy8c3tj wrote

Sounds like it's what I'm looking for. Thanks for the reply!


dice1111 t1_iy8cqb0 wrote

I've had mine for years now. The rear cam stopped working due to a broken cable somewhere in my install (not the cams fault), but the front is still working great.


100AcidTripsLater t1_iy5ifoo wrote

Good hack! Need to dash cam a 2018 Equinox, hoping when I get off my butt there's a photo montage like yours!


zvii t1_iy62h5v wrote

Hack? You mean install?


Zech08 t1_iy5vn4b wrote

I usually like to Route it through a battery bank (Rated for higher temp) with a small switch or controller (basically so it can switch to car battery if low). Also allows you to keep loop recording without any worry about draining your battery.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy5xqkq wrote

I'd like to use it with a LiFePO4 dashcam battery but they're too expensive for my needs. I only need the parking mode for a few hours while running errands. At work and at home, my car is well covered by security cameras.


burgers241 t1_iy9hktc wrote

Do you set it just to stay on for a couple hours?


Rick91981 OP t1_iy9r26a wrote

The hardwire kit has a voltage cutoff. It turns the camera off when the car battery reaches 12V. It's good for several hours of parking mode coverage.


billpecota t1_iy6x27v wrote

Ya, the problem for me is that when I got all the way to the first step I quit, and just had a professional do it


More_Alf t1_iy83iia wrote

I have a 2020 Legacy GT Limited. Been thinking about a dash cam but was worried about mounting anything in the middle area of the windshield due to the eyesight). Have you noticed any issues with the eyesight since installing the camera? It looks really clean. Would love to do the as well


Rick91981 OP t1_iy8xjlh wrote

No issues at all with Eyesight. I had this in my 2019 Legacy right behind the rearview mirror for over 3 years without a problem. This one has been installed for a week now and no issues so far.


SomebodyF t1_iy84hl4 wrote

You sir are doing God's work.


Dwiebe93 t1_iy9a5o6 wrote

I dont know why I went through this. I don't even have a Subaru. Clean work though! 👌


Rick91981 OP t1_iy9crj3 wrote

Lol, should be similar on other car brands too!


Jim_from_snowy_river t1_iy9k057 wrote

Dang that is some clean work! I was scared to do something like this so I got the kind that plugs in to the power/cigarette lighter port.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy9qkiu wrote

Thanks! It wasn't so bad. I kinda had an idea what I was doing this time as I did it on my last car. This one took about an hour or so. My last car my coworker and I spent 2-2.5 hours trying to figure it out because we didn't even have a clue where to start.


Wellcraft19 t1_iy68nrf wrote

I just did this a few week back. Ran cable across top of headliner, down inside front right A-pillar, and then in under the dash to a supply point. Wasn’t eager to mess with the cabling up there. But did remove the sunglass ‘cup’ to check things out.


abunnyrabbit t1_iy6v3y4 wrote

Right in front of the Eyesight camera, nice.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy6v75f wrote

Camera in the gen 4 eyesight is flush with that glass, no interference at all.


juwyro t1_iy80gxg wrote

I pulled the headliner out for my install and sent the wiring for the rear hatch through the factory grommet tube.


NO_SPACE_B4_COMMA t1_iy83qq0 wrote

I installed the same camera on my Jeep. My Jeep has auxiliary buttons so it was a really easy install for me....

The camera on the other hand is pure junk. The app sucks, the picture quality is garbage, ugh. I hope it works better for you


Rick91981 OP t1_iy8xbm7 wrote

I've had no issues with it. Camera isn't new, had it for over a year. Just a new car.


NO_SPACE_B4_COMMA t1_iy93x4n wrote

Which model is it? My videos are out of focus


Rick91981 OP t1_iy9498c wrote

Blackvue DR900X-2ch


NO_SPACE_B4_COMMA t1_iyayj6d wrote

I have the 590x. I'll have to compare the two. Maybe I need to send it back because it's terrible


Rick91981 OP t1_iyb59c8 wrote

The 590 is lower resolution but it definitely shouldn't be out of focus at all. Is it new? If so it might be worth exchanging it as it could be defective. Dumb question but you did pull off the protective plastic from the lens right?


NO_SPACE_B4_COMMA t1_iybm8a8 wrote

Yes, I did. But I'll double check! If all looks good, I'll rma it.


Rick91981 OP t1_iycncuc wrote

Definitely send it back. Might just be unlucky and got one that is defective.


Wolfgang_Haney t1_iy8g77z wrote

Thank you! I need to do this in my Outback, looks like the process will be VERY similar!


Rick91981 OP t1_iy8vmbp wrote

Yup, will be the same in the front. Back will be slightly different with the tailgate