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TA_faq43 t1_iy5hfcg wrote

Front and rear dash cams should be standard options these days.


Zech08 t1_iy5vdoq wrote

Kinda messed up in some countries they just... have it enabled and it gets basically disabled or unused in the U.S.


Daddy_Oh_My t1_iy6iv2v wrote

Or at the very least run a circuit up there and a micro/mini usb port.


nashkara t1_iy9cpxj wrote

USB-C with high USB-PD wattage


sudo_mksandwhich t1_iy9hdo5 wrote

No need for PD. If you're designing a dashcam that needs more than the standard 5 V × 500 mA = 2500 mW of power on a normal USB port, you're doing something very wrong.


Anon_8675309 t1_iy8t8u7 wrote

No. What should be standard is the wiring necessary for it. That way we can choose our own cams.


OperationMobocracy t1_iy7zdnf wrote

It's surprising they're not integrated already. I think the problem isn't just providing a cleanly integrated camera, it's the user interface and access to the camera's storage/video footage that's also an engineering headache.

This seems like an obvious feature add for the infotainment system -- a screen that provides a camera UI. The head unit has access to the USB ports (Carplay and USB media playback), so writing to a USB stick for exporting footage shouldn't be a problem.

But I have little faith we'd ever see this on a Subaru unless Harmon decided that dashcam management was something they wanted to get into. Subaru seems to tolerate garbage from Harmon, so asking for more features seems unlikely.

Cameras with their own wifi or bluetooth access probably could bypass this, but there's still issues with getting a mobile device connected that would ultimately require some kind of UI functionality.


TA_faq43 t1_iy89047 wrote

With the trend these days, wouldn’t surprise me if this was sold as SaS and users have to buy monthly subscription plans.


OperationMobocracy t1_iyax20d wrote

You're not wrong.

I mean, app-based remote start is sold SaS. I guess I might buy a similar service at a similar cost and timeline as remote start for app-based remote image retrieval.

I think if I'm buying the fucking dash camera hardware as part of an option/package, then basic access to my dashcam video ought to be free and not SaS. I guess I tolerate the remote start cost because it offsets some of the cost of the cellular modem in the car, and it was dirt cheap for a long time.

I'm glad I'm old enough to not see this economy in 25 years -- the capitalists will have everyone on a weekly rental plan and working at jobs that just pay the weekly rent.


WellTimedPoop t1_iy8e25m wrote

I love having them standard in my car. I haven't needed the footage yet, but I've had plenty of close calls and every time I'm happy I had the cameras if needed