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Zech08 t1_iy5vn4b wrote

I usually like to Route it through a battery bank (Rated for higher temp) with a small switch or controller (basically so it can switch to car battery if low). Also allows you to keep loop recording without any worry about draining your battery.


Rick91981 OP t1_iy5xqkq wrote

I'd like to use it with a LiFePO4 dashcam battery but they're too expensive for my needs. I only need the parking mode for a few hours while running errands. At work and at home, my car is well covered by security cameras.


burgers241 t1_iy9hktc wrote

Do you set it just to stay on for a couple hours?


Rick91981 OP t1_iy9r26a wrote

The hardwire kit has a voltage cutoff. It turns the camera off when the car battery reaches 12V. It's good for several hours of parking mode coverage.