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Do I hang things screwing into the wood window frame surround? Elsewhere? I have nice iron plant hangers from a prior wood frame home, but haven't tried to hang them up here in this house - a 1975 double wide in decent shape, but unknown strength! I can use longer screws if that would work, or molly bolts, or whatever I'm told would be best. What I really don't want to have happen is to do something underpowered and have it rip out and make a mess!


1 - I need to hang a small hummingbird feeder on a windowsill, so I can use a heater to keep it liquid in cold weather. It froze solid last week in the cold snap in the PNW. Has to be ON the house due to the location of the outside socket and length of extension cord.

2 - When Spring rolls around again, I'd like to hang some actual plants that would be heavier than the hummingbird feeder. Either single plant hanging hooks, or window box hangars. 25 pounds or so?


If this is the wrong subReddit, please tell me where to direct my questions, thanks!



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dengh t1_j2bdjo0 wrote

If this is typical of the older mobile homes I've seen you might not have any structure capable of directly supporting #2. A purpose-built pergola or similar structure might be needed. For #1 a stud finder might help you find structure to tie to.


Satansrainbowkitty t1_j2bqfh4 wrote

I have seen standing hooks - I think they're called shepherds hooks? - and have considered getting one for similar reasons, I'm not so much worried about the structural capabilities as much as I know I will want to change the location lol.

I am in Phoenix and have been wanting it moreso because makes sense for our landscaping - a work in progress but basic desert xeriscape - the zone climate etc makes it easy to work with, esp as i can use the environment (big rocks etc) to keep things weighed down if need be.


UtahDarkHorse t1_j2br41j wrote

I'd build something for that purpose. Sink a couple of 8' 4x4's a couple of feet into the ground, put one across the top of them, and whala! Use your imagination from there.


Minflick OP t1_j2bu4g5 wrote

I even have a post hole digger! However, I have horribly rocky ground, and I'm pretty sure the blades would bend or break if I tried to use them. I've been using one of those garden claws to break into the soil, and taking 4-6 iterations to get down to nearly a foot. I'm bordering my driveway with all the rocks and baby boulders I pull out of the ground when I garden.


Satansrainbowkitty t1_j2bry8z wrote

I wouldn't touch the frame - because I am a worry wart lol. I am interested to see where this goes though. I have similar (but functionally totally different) concerns about structure for my home. Hence the hooks I mentioned in a reply to the other comment:)


microcozmchris t1_j2ch7iq wrote

The fiberboard siding on the outside of trailers has absolutely ZERO strength for attaching anything to. It's heavy paper covered in paint to keep it dry.

That said, it's incredibly easy to get through it to the structure beneath. Typically, the outside walls are framed in something that's roughly a 2x3 stud and they're very consistently spaced from each other. Find a seam in your siding and you've found a stud. Move over 2' from the seam to the next one (probably 2', they're not usually 16"). Then you can attach to it. Seal the shit out of the penetration to keep water on the correct side.

Even better, don't try to attach anything to it. Make some freestanding structure for your planter.


fixabledrew t1_j2btlj5 wrote

Dude try asking

Use multiple heavy-duty anchors to the wall/structure.

Place empty planters on the anchors and secure them with screws.

Fill the planters with soil and plants.

Stores also sell standing planter posts if the structure can’t support the load.


Minflick OP t1_j2bus1y wrote

Older dudette here. Flabby armed (hence not the best at digging for in-ground posts...).

I think I will probably try the heavy-duty hangars. I have hung pictures and a heavy antique mirror using wildly oversized picture hangers, and those have ridden through earthquakes, so maybe I'll succeed with that outside too!


Oh, and I'm bookmarking that site! Thank you. It says heavy duty wall anchors and screws (fine) but also says I STILL need to find the studs??