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dengh t1_j2bdjo0 wrote

If this is typical of the older mobile homes I've seen you might not have any structure capable of directly supporting #2. A purpose-built pergola or similar structure might be needed. For #1 a stud finder might help you find structure to tie to.


Satansrainbowkitty t1_j2bqfh4 wrote

I have seen standing hooks - I think they're called shepherds hooks? - and have considered getting one for similar reasons, I'm not so much worried about the structural capabilities as much as I know I will want to change the location lol.

I am in Phoenix and have been wanting it moreso because makes sense for our landscaping - a work in progress but basic desert xeriscape - the zone climate etc makes it easy to work with, esp as i can use the environment (big rocks etc) to keep things weighed down if need be.