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dinoaids t1_j9u4517 wrote

You can get a pack of these crayons that come in a bunch of different colors. Rub them in, wipe the extra away with a clean cloth.

There's a lot of nonsense answers here. This is probably the best bet considering you are only renting. Be sure to buy the pack because you will not be able to estimate the color over the internet. Sometimes you gotta melt some sticks together to get the right color (I doubt you will have to here). These things are made to fill boo-boos in laminate.


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ConfoundedOcelot t1_j9ub2fh wrote

This, white crayons also work well to fix nail/pinholes in drywall.


dinoaids t1_j9ubab2 wrote

My realtor friend used to say white Colgate for the walls


SinkPhaze t1_j9uvr6q wrote

I don't understand this "hack" or why it's so prevalent. Spackle, the right thing for the job, is cheap AF. It's so cheap you can even find it at the dollar store sometimes! Don't trust a fucking realtor who tells you toothpaste is good enough


Admins_R_Cunts99 t1_j9w10gz wrote

It's extremely cheap, and the good stuff sets in any where from an hour to 5 minutes.

It's also extremely difficult for a novice to make a wall perfect, especially if the wall was not flat white.


dinoaids t1_j9uwuih wrote

Dab of tooth paste is faster than spackle, sand, prime, paint.


SinkPhaze t1_j9v0t48 wrote

Toothpaste shrinks when it drys out. When you use it your just passing the buck. I can understand why a renter would do it. I think it's kinda shitty behavior because your just putting your damage on the next renter, but I understand it. But a realtor or any other professional? Scummy af


StoneTemplePilates t1_j9vgduo wrote

Toothpaste is not going to shrink significantly at pin/nail hole size, and it's not really "passing the buck" when we're literally talking about pinholes here. The notion that they need to be spackled is absurd.


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why_rob_y t1_j9vlh90 wrote

But can you brush your teeth with it?


i_sell_you_lies t1_j9vry9a wrote

Yup! Doesn’t taste amazing but a drop of mint oil and you get fresh breath all day long


StoneTemplePilates t1_j9vn2n2 wrote

K. So what?


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StoneTemplePilates t1_j9vwyb7 wrote

Because most people don't have that on hand while they are in the middle of packing up their lives and moving out. It's also a dumb thing for a landlord to ask for in the first place. I've moved plenty of times into new houses, and never one time has it ever even crossed my mind to cover up nail holes from the previous owner, because you usually just put another picture over top of them anyway. Wall anchors are a different story, but making a big deal about nails and pinholes is just ridiculous.


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StoneTemplePilates t1_j9w363k wrote

I mean, I've got tons of it, but most people aren't diy people, especially ones that live in apartments and come on here asking about filling holes.

I agree that holes larger than nail/pin size are appropriate to fill and said as much in my previous comment. I wouldn't make holes that size in an apartment wall though, and so wouldn't have much use for filler if I lived in one. And, if a landlord is asking for pin holes to be patched, toothpaste is as good as anything, considering that it's a completely unnecessary task in the first place.


Tack122 t1_j9vf24r wrote

If all you're doing is filling the holes with a white colored gunk, why not use joint compound, which is the right stuff for the job?

If you're careful you can fill a hole without the sand/prime/paint steps just like toothpaste but you aren't leaving a silly mess for someone who comes later and wants it done right.


paazel t1_j9vngdq wrote

Because if you’re a renter:

  • you don’t even know that joint compound exists or why it’s important to you
  • you don’t want to spend time to go get some
  • you don’t want to pay for it
  • you don’t want to store the 99% that you don’t use

Toothpaste works for small holes, and within 3 minutes start to end, $.03 worth of toothpaste you’re done. The landlord will likely paint the wall before the next renter further strengthening the wall.


Tack122 t1_j9vzczq wrote

Not bad points.

This is why if I ever rent a property out I'm gonna make it clear my nail hole policy is: leave them to me to resolve and I won't make a fuss or threaten your security deposit as long as the holes are done reasonably for hanging normal objects.

I doubt I'm likely to possess a rental property ever though, so unlikely.


paazel t1_j9w4fi8 wrote

You might for the first tenant. Then a few years later you'll realize that life is too short to worship drywall in your income property, and you'd rather have it "done well enough" than spend 3 hours of your weekend "doing it right" cause no one will care about it either.


LtDanHasLegs t1_j9vtynu wrote

Why do you think spackle needs priming and painting but toothpast wouldn't somehow? lol.

You also don't have to sand spackle unless you shoveled it on.


dinoaids t1_j9vw29l wrote

Cause if it's good enough for you teeth, it's good enough for not paint


Dsiee t1_j9vnx5u wrote

Just get the right colour spackle. For tiny holes you don't need to sand prime or paint.


dinoaids t1_j9vwzmr wrote

As far as I know, there isn't different colored spackle. But there are different colors of Colgate.


dmethvin t1_j9uh79q wrote

It can't prevent cavities, but it can fill them.


Nathan_Poe t1_j9usvw1 wrote

one of my ex roommates used toothpaste to patch a bullet hole in the wall. No idea what the upstairs neighbors did about the bullet hole in the floor.


Mindraker t1_j9vx51y wrote

> No idea what the upstairs neighbors did about the bullet hole in the floor.

They didn't <o_<


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leaf_on_my_package t1_j9uyj2n wrote

I work at a flooring retailer, there is a wood filler putty that is perfect for what you need it for. We use it to fill nail holes in wood and laminate flooring displays. If you can't find a color that matches, there is also a crayon to color those spots basically.


Blondedaisychains t1_j9uyrak wrote

Thank you for the reply :) Do you have a link to any of this? Xx


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ChessLord144 t1_j9v4beh wrote

No matter how good you are at darts, you get bounce outs when you hit the wires.

Home recreation stores sell thick rubber mats to put down.


avast2006 t1_j9udate wrote

Piece of plywood on the floor under the dartboard.

How are the walls, by the way?


Blondedaisychains t1_j9umuc4 wrote

Walls are fine! It’s from when the darts have hit the wire and bounced back out


raddaraddo t1_j9v4pk0 wrote

Sounds like he's not too bad at darts then haha, bounce outs happen. Protip: Sharpen your darts. The sharper they are the less likely they will bounce out. Also just a better board helps but that's $$.


SpamMyDuck t1_j9u9yp6 wrote

Am I not seeing a pic ? Because a few dart holes and a thousand dart holes are two different problems. Also depends on the color/pattern of the floor.


vakog t1_j9utupp wrote

Also the type of laminate, LVL, real wood or melamine. But use color matching crayon like earlier comments mentioned and hope for the best. You may well be on the hook for a new floor.


Mp32pingi25 t1_j9ttu4n wrote

There isn’t really a fix for that. Only thing you could use is a wood putty that best matches the color. There are little 2oz jars of this stuff at box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot.


Blondedaisychains t1_j9tvdyn wrote

That’s what I thought, and then I’ve found like wood pens? So can fill with the putty and then colour it to match the laminate design. Thank you :)


Mp32pingi25 t1_j9tvqhp wrote

No the putty will be colored already. It’s doesn’t really harden to a point where you would color with a pen. If you need to adjust the color of the putty buy a couple different colors and mix little bits together.


Nopumpkinhere t1_j9u1b0u wrote

Yeah, the pen will wash right off. Mp33pingi25 has got it right.


Azozel t1_j9u2je4 wrote

lol, have fun with your art project!


AprOmIX t1_j9vlbsi wrote

There are kits specifically for this (Laminate flooring repait kit). Basically, you get an array of wax-ish kindof bars, in all different colors. You are supposed to mix and match them to match your laminate. Basically, they feel a bit like candles I guess? Kits come with a melter, you melt colors together, on top of eachother until it maches yout laminate. You finish by lightly sanding it an bam. Best result, you see nothing. (though I needed a test laminate piece, damaged it on purpose and tested it on it to get the right color).

I could link / send pic of the one I bought but 1) not in the US and 2) uhm duno if I can link or add picture?

here I go:


Ozark-Ike t1_j9uw75s wrote

Jab toothpicks in the holes and trim them off with a razor blade. Tappity tap tap them down flush with a small hammer and color them with a matching sharpie.


Marciamallowfluff t1_j9w2qct wrote

There are a kind of nail hole filler that are like colored wax pencils. You rub them over the hole that fills with the wood/laminate color and wipe with a cloth. If you can match the color they are easy and long lasting.


nolo_me t1_j9u9q2e wrote

Find a piece of wood that's a good colour match for the laminate, saw a couple of chunks off over a container. Mix the sawdust with wood glue.


John5247 t1_j9u6223 wrote

Use hardwood cocktail sticks or toothpicks to fill the hole. Cut off excess sticking out. Use crayon or Sharpie to colour the dot of wood.


Ozark-Ike t1_j9uvhlf wrote

Wood filler.


llort_tsoper t1_j9vfekm wrote

I'd get the pink Dap wood filler, a $1 plastic putty knife, and a sharpie.

You could get as complex as you want with trying to match the exact wood tone on the repair, but OP could probably just buy one sharpie that's close to the tone of the floor and it will look good enough to get her security deposit back.


Max-Phallus t1_j9vx5kp wrote

What does it look like? I'd not take any answer here seriously if they haven't visually seen the problemo.


AirCaptainDanforth t1_j9vrdui wrote

Wood color sticks. You can find them in the same aisle as the wood stains at your local hardware, Home Depot or Lowes


tdwriter2003 t1_j9uirbc wrote

There's a colored caulk type product for floors in flooring section of lowes.


RunawayRogue t1_j9uzi6a wrote

You can buy wax floor repair kits on Amazon. My favorite are the ones that come with multiple colors and a heating iron. It looks similar to a soldering iron. Just melt a bit of wax with the tool and put it in the hole, then smooth it with a plastic tool that comes in the kit. Quick and easy


RabbitWhisperer4Fun t1_j9ux4jq wrote

Hmmm. Oops! There’s a couple things to do for the future. Put a piece of 1/4” plywood in the closet to lay down on the floor in the future. To repair the holes you need to use some fine sand paper to reduce the tiny raised ridges around the holes. The tip of the dart will open the wood and force some of the laminate out and up creating a tiny ridge. That has to go. This will leave scuffing from LIGHT sanding using your fingertip and a small bit of paper and these will have to be rematched to the rest of the floor after you fill the holes. Mohawk Floor Products (check online) sells a hard wax in different colors meant to repair dents in furniture. That’s fine if this is an edge where no one walks but if people actually walk over this area you will need the kneaded mixed epoxy clay that they offer in over 120 colors as of last count for about $12.00 and some postage. Call the customer service and ask for a recommendation of color, take a picture with a good phone or tablet camera and let them help you match the color…otherwise it looks…”unprofessional”…or like your floor came down with Chicken Spots! Once you get this, mix thoroughly and use your finger (wear a nitril glove!) to push the epoxy mud deeply into each hole. Wait for it to dry to see if you need to stain the area to match the color of the floor. If so, get back with Mohawk and get the proper stain/finish and you can do it all at once. I normally use a spray on oil based coloration (a plastic squeeze spray bottle) and mix and match tints until it is right but you should just get one color and do your best (you can end up easily with $1200 in product if you don’t just accept close enough). Once dyed properly then use a laminate floor sealer from a big box store (or a hardwood flooring shop…which will be better) and seal the putty, tinting and roughened spot to match the surrounding area. Most laminate floors are shiny but actually the finish is Matte. At most it is semigloss. Do NOT use gloss or high gloss finish or it will stand out. Flooring has to match REALLY well or you will be explaining to guests what happened for the next 30 years…nobody wants that. I don’t know what this costs now but 25 years ago I would have charged a client or insurance company about $400 to do a 25sq’ area and it would taken a couple hours each day for three days to get it all right. Nowadays at about $300 per hour…do it yourself! You NEED to do this right or you are going to lose your deposit and pay the extra cost out of pocket when the owner sues you. CALL MOWHAWK…GET IT RIGHT!


Shopshack t1_j9ve66e wrote

Mohawk makes a wax crayon with floor color matches,


Submoa223 t1_j9vie7t wrote

They sell fillers that work with laminate flooring in different colors. Find the color that best matches. Or you could probably color the filled in holes with a marker. But you have to use something to fill in the holes.


viodox0259 t1_j9vtcks wrote

Cool trick I learned is to take saw dust from the vinyl.floot , fill the hole with it , and heat it if need be.


akirbydrinks t1_j9u8yup wrote

You can seal the holes with a dab of nail Polish. Squish the hole closed and use clear polish


RustyKrank t1_j9uy94y wrote

A couple of dart holes is no big deal. It might be best to just pretend they aren't there. You may cause actual damage or make them stand out more with a "fix".

If you must fix it, actually fix it.


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osoALoso t1_j9ua94y wrote

There is no real way without epoxys hardeners and dyes to color Match it. Your boyfriend is an idiot and should be paying for the deposit you are definitely going to lose.

If that floor laminate Is no longer in production they can come after you for the cost of a full replacement.


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meaniereddit t1_j9ueg0f wrote

The laminate is basically a sticker on top of engineered wood, you can't really fix it, its gonna look like poop.

If this was a rental and I found it as your landlord, I would charge you to fix it, since it was negligence.


BBgotReddit t1_j9v5zmu wrote

Imo you have two options.

Option one is to put the darts back in the holes, snap off the metal tip, and color it brown with a marker.

Option two is to stick the darts back in the holes and frame the area. ART!


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ihearttatertots t1_j9u827x wrote

Heat gun? Heat it up and try and mush it closed?


jxj24 t1_j9u8nlh wrote

People are always suggesting ramen noodles, so maybe there's something to it?

That, or wood putty, or perhaps even some properly colored sculpy (modeling polymer clay). Technically, it needs to harden in an oven, but in my experience small amounts will eventually dry out without shrinking.


Cumupin420 t1_j9txy1d wrote

Cut out the piece and replace it. You'll have to glue it down probably bc no tongue


WittyMonikerGoesHere t1_j9u8p5l wrote

Don't do this. Laminate floors are "floating floors" . They are not attached to the sub floor for thermal expansion/contraction. Cutting the tongues and grooves off will keep it from locking into the pieces around it. Gluing the replacement piece down will keep it from moving with the rest of the floor. It will gap or buckle eventually.