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shdwilm t1_j3c8dfh wrote

Magnificently intimidating!


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3c8xwh wrote

>Magnificently intimidating!

The entrance to the Lemaire Channel summed up nicely!


USA_A-OK t1_j3gm6np wrote

I was there in late November, incredibly stunning!


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3c8710 wrote

More specifically, midnight-ish sun on False Cape Renard (the "true" cape is just to the left of this scene).


weaselmaster t1_j3e2k67 wrote

I was gonna say - this time of year, the sun just gets closer to the horizon and then goes back up!


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3e3ed4 wrote

It made the trip both more wonderful and more exhausting - there was always something to see, almost 24 hours a day.


StuckInLazlosBasemen t1_j3eiq3b wrote

What was it like?? Tell me anything, I’m obsessed with polar travel


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3em2bq wrote

We were on a small ship, so I spent a lot of time outside taking photos as things went by. There were a fair number of other ships, and there was a well-enforced limit on how many people could be on land at a time, so there was a fair amount of waiting for our turn. I spent some of that waiting time talking to the people who had been there before or who had other special knowledge (there was a penguin specialist, an astrophysicist, an geologist, a record holding kayaker, etc., not to mention some impressive photographers). Sometimes we didn't land at all, but toured the shoreline (or icebergs) in a zodiac. I really enjoyed that the wildlife was unafraid, so while we didn't walk right up to them (as we had been instructed about), they sometimes came right up to us.


Eaders t1_j3fiu7y wrote

Do you know if anyone has ever summited those peaks?


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3fj13u wrote

Not that I am aware of. Wiki claims Germans climbed the taller of Una Peaks, pretty similar...


Khelthrai t1_j3d96gg wrote

Wow! How did you go about visiting Antarctica? Great photo


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3de79g wrote

I was incredibly lucky, and was invited to join a private expedition. Took a short leave of absence and went, because if you get the chance, go! I was especially lucky because we also visited Elephant Island, South Georgia Island, and West Point Island, before returning to civilization.


bezman8 t1_j3ej42x wrote

Wow, how do you go about getting a private expedition invite?


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3emlb1 wrote

Best way is of course having already been on several so you have expertise. That's not me! I would love to go again...


lapSlaPs5456 t1_j3ejhur wrote

Swan Hellenic has exploratory ships. They are smaller than cruise ships and you get to go on Antarctica.


Ken_Gratulations t1_j3fjnw3 wrote

This is great! I am just finishing Endurance and was hoping you would mention those island. That had to have been a great experience, could you imagine surviving on those islands?!


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3fmznj wrote

I had read about how rough South Georgia Island was, but that's not the same as seeing it. We also had the good fortune of seeing the waterfall that was the last obstacle before reaching the Stromness whaling plant, and Shackleton's grave at Grytviken (interesting that he wanted to be buried there). The Grytviken museum had a facsimile of the J Caird, and having just crossed the Drake Passage in "good" conditions, it is nuts that their rescue plan worked.


b1tchf1t t1_j3ewzu3 wrote

There are companies who do expeditions down there. I know Nation Geographic often goes down there. They can be spendy trips, but I eyeball them hard all the time. I'd like to get to all seven continents as part of my bucket list, and that trip would knock off two of them!


WildRookie t1_j3f9tm4 wrote

Nat Geo (Lindblad) is how I got there. Absolutely incredible trip, but words fail me in being able to explain why the trip was life-changing.


BoltonSauce t1_j3fve1m wrote

There's a rather enchanting series called A Place Further than the Universe about going there. From nonfiction descriptions in our little human terms, it seems fitting.


picakey t1_j3dmz10 wrote

Anyone else see two bearded trolls?


aseedandco t1_j3dvzk5 wrote

Yes. I thought it was a photo of two statues and had to zoom in to see otherwise.


WrecklessMagpie t1_j3fsz7j wrote

I'm high and saw two humpback whales coming out of the water before I finally focused in lol


Superdunez t1_j3fj3sa wrote

Ancient Aliens:

"You can clearly see the pyramids under the ice!"


lapSlaPs5456 t1_j3dj2gk wrote

I was able to go in December on an Expedition ship. Fantastic


pbspry t1_j3di6oi wrote

Drake Lake, or Drake Shake?


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3hlwcy wrote

>Drake Lake

Shake, by my standards (10+ m waves)


pbspry t1_j3hntrr wrote

That's pretty sizeable.

Doing a passage in a few weeks, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Loaded up on pills and patches but pretty positive I'll be praying to the porcelain princess throughout the passage.


[deleted] t1_j3ehuz9 wrote



Chipotle42 OP t1_j3eiby1 wrote

On the way back by, it definitely was. While I took this photo, the high winds distracted megif


Secure-Order3645 t1_j3elkbc wrote

What was the expedition like did you get to leave the ship at any point and visit the bases or was it more like an extremely cold cruise?


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3en9oy wrote

A bit of both. I got to leave the ship once or twice a day, depending on where we were. See my response to u/StuckInLazlosBasemen (here) for more. We visited only one active base (Port Lockroy). A lot of transit by zodiacs...


kangareddit t1_j3fg30e wrote

In French ‘renard’ means fox


EienNatsu66 t1_j3fj7co wrote

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me 💗


Collinsc108 t1_j3fm8lq wrote

That's not how I read it at first


RavenReel t1_j3g71iy wrote

Afyer a heart attack I got over my agoraphobia enough to travel about 1-2 hours by car. I won't go anywhere else in the world but Antarctica doesn't scare me. Maybe it's because I know it's not possible for me to go, but I think the lack of people and knowing a Dr. would likely be close, keep me a bit fearless.


kenikonipie t1_j3ge0r4 wrote

Are you part of a research team down there or military? This is a magnificent photo!


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3h3g1k wrote

Thanks! Civilian, mix of amateur and professional


barl31 t1_j3wvwwx wrote

What was your experience like visiting Antarctica? It is definitely on my bucket list


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3xfb32 wrote

I really enjoy travel, and this was the single most memorable trip I've ever been on


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brosef321 t1_j3cv5if wrote

AKA: Una’s tits


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3czjwi wrote

That's actually right next to the pictured formation (just to the left of this scene), and has been renamed "Una Peaks"