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Khelthrai t1_j3d96gg wrote

Wow! How did you go about visiting Antarctica? Great photo


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3de79g wrote

I was incredibly lucky, and was invited to join a private expedition. Took a short leave of absence and went, because if you get the chance, go! I was especially lucky because we also visited Elephant Island, South Georgia Island, and West Point Island, before returning to civilization.


bezman8 t1_j3ej42x wrote

Wow, how do you go about getting a private expedition invite?


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3emlb1 wrote

Best way is of course having already been on several so you have expertise. That's not me! I would love to go again...


lapSlaPs5456 t1_j3ejhur wrote

Swan Hellenic has exploratory ships. They are smaller than cruise ships and you get to go on Antarctica.


Ken_Gratulations t1_j3fjnw3 wrote

This is great! I am just finishing Endurance and was hoping you would mention those island. That had to have been a great experience, could you imagine surviving on those islands?!


Chipotle42 OP t1_j3fmznj wrote

I had read about how rough South Georgia Island was, but that's not the same as seeing it. We also had the good fortune of seeing the waterfall that was the last obstacle before reaching the Stromness whaling plant, and Shackleton's grave at Grytviken (interesting that he wanted to be buried there). The Grytviken museum had a facsimile of the J Caird, and having just crossed the Drake Passage in "good" conditions, it is nuts that their rescue plan worked.


b1tchf1t t1_j3ewzu3 wrote

There are companies who do expeditions down there. I know Nation Geographic often goes down there. They can be spendy trips, but I eyeball them hard all the time. I'd like to get to all seven continents as part of my bucket list, and that trip would knock off two of them!


WildRookie t1_j3f9tm4 wrote

Nat Geo (Lindblad) is how I got there. Absolutely incredible trip, but words fail me in being able to explain why the trip was life-changing.


BoltonSauce t1_j3fve1m wrote

There's a rather enchanting series called A Place Further than the Universe about going there. From nonfiction descriptions in our little human terms, it seems fitting.