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forpornreallynotfake t1_j8wtnrj wrote

I can't believe this is an actual real place.


Br81 OP t1_j8x259l wrote

It’s an amazing place to visit. Basically it’s a meadow surrounded by massive rock towers. It’s a legendary spot for rock climbers


Br81 OP t1_j8wt9vi wrote

"The Dark Lotus"

Last fall, I was fortunate enough to visit the North West Territories for the first and boy, did it not disappoint. This shot was taken in Nahanni National park, NWT, Canada

Editing: Time blend, dodge/burn, color correction

Exif: F/18, 1/80 sec, 100 ISO

Gear: Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-105mm




DarkMatterFemboy t1_j8xeft2 wrote

Reminds me of the Misty Mountains from Tolkien. The door to Moria should be just around the corner, no?


Br81 OP t1_j8xmc4x wrote

Yes! Tolkien’s work and his descriptions of middle earth has always been a huge inspiration for me to get out and explore. I saw a few pictures of this place and that’s exactly what came to mind and I knew I needed to go there


NotTooDeep t1_j8x3fjw wrote

Long ago, before the continents drifted apart, this was MiddleEarth.


ZephyrFeline t1_j8wlmym wrote

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! This might be a dumb question but where exactly is this? Is the north west territories like the name of the province area? (Sorry am very dumb). 😁


nursingnwt t1_j8wqfau wrote

I believe that's the Cirque of the Unclimbables in Nahanni National Park in the Northwest Territories (name correction), Canada.


Br81 OP t1_j8wts56 wrote

Thank you! Yah, like the other person pointed out this is cirque of the unclimbables Nahanni National park in the North West Territories. Territories are like provinces but with less people.


whoknowshank t1_j8z266i wrote

Can you tell me about how you planned this trip? I’m from Alberta and I have been dreaming of Nahanni for years, but I don’t know how to reasonably get there. Drive? Fly? Both? Nearest town has groceries, haul everything in?

You’re not a travel guide so no need to answer if you don’t want, but I’m jealous of your adventure!


Br81 OP t1_j905g2v wrote

We flew into Whitehorse then drove for about 6 hours east. We then caught a float plane from close to the Yukon boarder with kluane air. After that it’s about a 5-8 h hike to this spot.


mstrelan t1_j90nls4 wrote

And you didn't include all these details of your trials and tribulations to get the shot in the title of the post?


ensignlee t1_j8zuwwr wrote

AmaIng. Thanks for sharing.

How hard is it to get here?


ValyrianJedi t1_j8xik76 wrote

I went camping up there a few years back. That was 1 of only like 3 or so places I've ever been where I legitimately felt like I'd stepped in to some fantasy world... And this picture managed to catch that feeling perfectly.


Br81 OP t1_j8xmom3 wrote

Nice! Yah definitely an area straight out of a fantasy novel!


Chardradio t1_j8x5ukl wrote

They are in fact, climbable.


ChickenFriedLife t1_j8x294m wrote

Another knockout!

Just wanted to say you have quickly become one of, if not my favorite, landscape photographers.

You have such a consistent style and level of quality that I can always tell when it's on of your images that pops up on my feed before I even see the username.

You inspire and infuriate me lol. Keep up the amazing work!


Br81 OP t1_j8xe48c wrote

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words and it brings me happiness to know that I have been a source of inspiration!🍻


jjb5151 t1_j8xn8tw wrote

Great photo! Reminds me of lord of the rings


Br81 OP t1_j906cts wrote

Thanks, lotr is definitely an inspiration for me


j0e74 t1_j8y6o5v wrote

In The Path to Mordor.


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Charliekeet t1_j8x8d6r wrote

It is both beautiful and also a place I definitely do not want to be! gif


laujac t1_j8xlf86 wrote

I drove through a lot of the NWT and Yukon. A lot of it is simply shrubs and rocks. Just vast expanses of nothing. In Alaska it’s more beautiful South of the Arctic circle. Great fishing everywhere though.


ournamesdontmeanshit t1_j8ymo00 wrote

NWT and Yukon are over 1.6 million sq. km. With about 9000 kilometres of roads, so I really don’t think you drove through a lot of those 2 territories.


laujac t1_j8yuhmj wrote

Ice roads. Both are desolate above the Arctic circle. Lots of small communities to supply.


ASmallTeddyBear t1_j8zqoz1 wrote

It's really difficult to judge the NT based off from what one might see on the ice roads. Which would be ice and snow. It's gorgeous in the summer!


PriskaW t1_j8zvh11 wrote

It really is in the eye of the beholder. Vast expanses of nothing is something I love. It's filled with life. Even in winter.


Br81 OP t1_j9066z4 wrote

Yah a lot of the Canadian North is Tundra but but it definitely has its fair share of world class mountains. This particular spot is world renowned for rock climbing


CrackBingeIdea t1_j8ycb1g wrote

Yess this is my jam man. Can I buy a hi res version off you op, to print at home?


Br81 OP t1_j906ket wrote

Glad you liked it🙏. Unfortunately I’m pretty hesitant to give people full res photos but I do sell prints


CrackBingeIdea t1_j90tkny wrote

No worries b I’m Uk so shipping would be a pain. Looked at your other pictures though very nice 🙌


etamthgirla t1_j8z8he4 wrote

This definitely looks like a level in Halo. Is it just black rock and mud or is it.. kinda like Iceland?


Br81 OP t1_j906srj wrote

I haven’t been to Iceland but this area has a lot of vegetation in the meadows below the peaks


Luthwaller t1_j8zh9xo wrote

Wow! I do love some brooding mountains. Fantastic photo OP.


Br81 OP t1_j906tki wrote

Thank you 🙏😊


DeanneDavis t1_j8znbu9 wrote

Thanks for the new screen saver. Absolutely beautiful.


Br81 OP t1_j906v2w wrote

Glad you liked it🍻


bgymr t1_j8zuc25 wrote

Sometimes you just see a post and make a mental note. Imma make my way to the Nahanni. Thanks for the pic!


Br81 OP t1_j906xno wrote

Nice, get out there!


Mentalfloss1 t1_j8zx10r wrote

Nice. What canyon?


Br81 OP t1_j906zx0 wrote

It’s Cirque of the unclimbables in nahanni national park


Mentalfloss1 t1_j922ojn wrote

Thank you. Have the been climbed? How’s the hike to get to this point?


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Ouch-MyBack t1_j904rhm wrote

Northwest is one word. That looks weird.
Beautiful picture.


YouMissedWithACannon t1_j907a4r wrote

I think Kratos travelled through this place with BOY not too long ago, looking for something in Svartalfheim I think it was.


GergeKahn t1_j90vxo8 wrote

That’s the Prometheus mountain, inni’t?