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JimTheSatisfactory t1_jc74t90 wrote

I'm actually considering switching to a dumb phone. I really think it'll be a positive change to not be so connected.


BirdEngineer225 t1_jc7cwfe wrote

Recently I bought a dumb phone to completely focus on my Licensure exam studying. It was life changing, so many of my issues dissapeared after day 3. Lack of focus, bad time management, and vices were no where to be found.

Passed the test and switched back and I'm back to my fuckboi habits. Please go through with it, excited for you!


Jbruce63 t1_jc7kn6f wrote

I have turned off all my notifications on my phone except for calls and blood sugar levels. I was constantly checking my phone when an application wanted my attention. It was causing me stress and using up my time. I even shut off the ring for the phone at times as I will get back to the caller later. I grew up when the phone was at home and you checked the answering machine when you came home. So peaceful when you can get rid of always being available.


MoarTacos t1_jc7k4lr wrote

My problem is I do so much shit on my phone that I actually need to do, I would definitely have to buy a laptop, and I really don’t feel like buying a laptop.


Guardrail989 t1_jc7sech wrote

Exactly. I don't even use computers anymore, just my phone so I'm screwed lol